18 Wheeler Accident Yesterday

Yesterday’s tragic 18-wheeler accident on I-70 was nothing short of tragic. A semi-truck was thrown over a concrete barrier and a passenger vehicle was struck by the trailer. The driver of the 18-wheeler lost control and jumped over the barrier. At least one other vehicle also hit it and one semi-truck caught on fire. The crash has left several people injured. Investigators have yet to determine if the other driver stopped.

It was snowing and windy at the time of the wreck and the truck driver couldn’t adjust his speed to suit the conditions. The collision caused traffic to back-up at the Fines Creek exit. Authorities are still investigating the incident but are confident that it will not happen again. After all, the truck driver may have merely been trying to get to his destination, and the crash was unavoidable.

The driver failed to reduce his speed as he approached the congestion. He slammed into a Walmart semi-truck, knocking its rear axles off and pushing it into a passenger vehicle. It is unknown what caused the accident, but it is certainly an example of poor road maintenance. In the long run, it will be a lesson in how to avoid accidents on I-70. With a little bit of preparation, this might help prevent such accidents in the future.

The average settlement for an 18-wheeler truck accident is higher than the average motor vehicle accident victim’s. Some settlements are in the thousands while others reach $100 million. However, the amount of money a person can receive for their injuries is dependent on several factors, including whether the truck driver was at fault or not. The severity of the injuries is also a major factor in determining the amount to be awarded.

An experienced attorney can investigate the causes of the 18-wheeler accident. Trucking regulations govern the weight of loads, how they are loaded, how often the truck is inspected, and more. When a truck is overloaded, it is highly likely that an accident will result. An attorney can help you protect your rights and investigate the negligence of the trucking company. Sometimes, negligent hiring or retention of truck drivers with poor driving records can also lead to an accident.

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