7 Reasons to Visit Full Day Fujairah East Coast

Are you thinking about visiting Fujairah? Well, we can share details on seven such places that will also serve as reasons for you to go and visit this beautiful place. We must tell you that Fujairah is blessed with natural beauty and historical places. So, do you want to know why you should visit this place? Let us get started with the details right away.

1. Bithnah Fort

When going for a Fujairah east coast tour then you must visit this Bithnah fort. This is a historical fort that lies just 13 kilometers outside Fujairah City. This fort itself is very beautiful and it gives a fabulous view of the entire area, you can get to see the Wadi Dam and the Hajar Mountains. If you love taking pictures this spot is the ideal location to pursue your hobby. This fort served as a defence point for the UAE. The fort attracts many tourists and it is not tough to find as the road have signs giving you clear direction.

2. Al Bidyah Mosque

Ottoman Mosque is another name used for this Mosque and this was the first mosque to be built in the UAE. This mosque is very beautiful and it has other historical places in the nearby area that are worth visiting. Recently the area has been visited by historical excavation teams and a large number of artifacts such as arrowheads and pottery were discovered. It is said that these artifacts go back to 1000 BC.

3. Al- Hayl Castle

This structure was built almost two and a half centuries ago and was home to the ruling family of Fujairah. This beautiful castle is located very close to the Hajar Mountains. The area is decorated with beautiful palm trees and mountains, the silence in the area has a healing effect on the people instantly. The castle has wind towers that are accessible to tourists and offer a wide view of the whole area.

4. Fujairah Museum

The Fujairah Museum is not too far from Fujairah Fort and it is included in the Fujairah east coast tour. Here you will have the privilege of viewing some of the most interesting historical exhibits that you will not find in any part of the world. Some of the oldest exhibits go back to the Bronze Era.

5. Masafi

This is an old village and it also served as a trading point for the region. The village is situated in the border region of Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah. The village has a reputation for being the biggest producer of mineral water in the region.

6. Fun At Snoopy Island

This is yet another reason why you should visit Fujairah. This is a beautiful island that has blue waters surrounding it, the beauty is absolutely mesmerizing. This island offers you a host of fun water sports. With a little training from professionals, you can go snorkeling, which is a lot of fun and yes, it is safe too as you will be provided with all the necessary safety gear. Another fun activity that you can do at this place is Kayaking.  So, round up all your close friends for a day of fun and frolic at Snoopy Islands.

7. Ziplining At Fujairah

If you love to try adventurous activities then you should give ziplining a go. Imagine soaring through the sky at high speed like a superhero. The ziplining route takes you from Fujairah all the way to Ras Al Khaimah. This is perfect to give yourself the adrenaline rush you always liked to experience.

When It is The Best Time To Visit Fujairah

Well, if truth be told you should visit Fujairah during the winter months as the temperatures during these months are favorable. This will give you the chance to enjoy many outdoor activities. However, you must still carry water, sunglasses, and sunscreen with you.

So, these are the seven strongest reasons why you should visit Fujairah. You are bound to have a fabulous time in this city as it has so much to offer in terms of tourism.

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