A Business Proposal Comic

A business proposal comic is a great way to pitch a business opportunity to prospective clients. These comics are published by several artists and can be licensed for books, magazines, merchandise, newsletters, presentations, and websites. You can find a wide range of different business proposals at ManhwaFull. It is updated frequently and contains high-quality images.

The comic is full of zany plot twists, including the fact that Ha-ri is trying to cover up her identity as Yeongsuh Jin. The boss of the firm, Taemu Kang, is likely to fire her if she does so. That’s where the humor comes in.

Another plotline in A Business Proposal is a blossoming office romance. In an attempt to scare off a potential suitor, Ha-ri Shin goes on a blind date in the hopes of scaring away a new suitor. Meanwhile, the CEO of the company, Tae-moo Kang, hates office romances. While the two people are able to woo each other, their romance is based on lies, miscommunication, and fake-dating scenarios.

In South Korea, the A Business Proposal webtoon is now available on Netflix. It was originally serialized as a webcomic and has accumulated over 450 million views. The series’ live-action adaptation premiered on Netflix on Feb. 28, 2018. There will be 12 episodes, each 60 minutes long.

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