Agnes Moorehead Net Worth

Agnes Moorehead Net Worth

Agnes Moorehead was an acclaimed American actress renowned for her roles on radio, stage, film and television. She best known for her role as Endora on the hit television series Bewitched but also featured in several films.

She enjoyed a renowned acting career, earning numerous nominations throughout her lifetime. Her performance on Bewitched earned her widespread acclaim and she was considered one of the greatest character actresses in history.

Agnes Moorehead: A Devoted and Professional Actress

When Agnes Moorehead first entered the theater world, her goal was to pursue a career as an actress. After enrolling in classes at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, Moorehead quickly developed into an accomplished performer.

After several years in the industry, she made it onto Broadway and quickly earned recognition for her talents. She was cast in several roles and even joined Orson Welles’ Mercury Theatre company.

But she wasn’t content to remain just a theatre performer and was always searching for opportunities outside the industry. She began working in radio shows and also participated in several plays.

Her most profitable projects included the comedy series Bewitched, which ran for 254 episodes. Her appearances on Bewitched earned her a large amount of money and she also made money from other roles in television and movies.

She was renowned for her characters that displayed arrogance or presumption, making her performances popular with audiences. However, her career wasn’t without its difficulties; she had to overcome several setbacks along the way.

At her young age, she was an outstanding student and participant in numerous extracurricular activities. Graduating from Central High School in 1918, she then embarked on college studies at Muskingum College in Ohio.

The actress went on to earn her degree in biology from the school, followed by a master’s degree. Additionally, she worked as a teacher during her free time.

In her early twenties, she married John Griffith Lee and they remained together for twenty-two years. In 1949, the couple adopted a son named Sean; however, shortly thereafter they divorced.

Her subsequent marriage was to co-actor Robert Gist, which lasted four years before divorcing. She then remarried again to another actor and the couple remained together for a short while before divorcing again.

When she was younger, the theater was her main source of income. She was involved in multiple productions and toured with them as well.

After her second marriage, she chose to immerse herself further in the entertainment industry by starting a series of radio shows and landing an executive producer job for several movies.

Her breakthrough role was in Citizen Kane, directed by Orson Welles. In it, she played the mother of Charles Kane’s character. Not only did she have a major role but also earned an Oscar nomination for her performance – an enormous boost that cemented her place among top actresses across America.

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