Amber Stevens West Feet

Amber Stevens West is an American actress and model. She starred in the ABC series ‘Greek’ and starred as the reporter Charity in the film ‘Christmas Unwrapped.’ She was born in Los Angeles, California on 7 October 1986. Her parents are Shadoe Stephens and Beverly Cunningham. Amber married Andrew J. West on December 5, 2014.

Her body measurements are 35-24-36inches and her feet are four-to-fiveinches shorter. Her hair is dark brown, and her bra size 32C. She is currently wearing a size four US in dresses. She was born with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. Stevens was previously Amber Stevens, and was a backup singer for Gladys Knight. She was named one of the Best Feet of the Year 2017 by

The actress and model has been married twice. Andrew James waste was her husband. They have two daughters together. Andrew James waste and Amber Stevens West live in Los Angeles. Amber and Andrew were once engaged, but they later got married. Amber Stevens West’s feet still grow! Amber Stevens West’s husband is an English and Norwegian actor. Amber’s feet look so cute! Despite her adorably bare feet, she continues to have beautiful legs and hands.

Despite her height, Amber Stevens West’s feet are quite small. Amber was born in Los Angeles, and was raised by performers. She attended Beverly Hills High School. Her most notable roles include Maya in 22 Jump Street and Ashleigh Howard in the film Jessabelle. She is also a model. These are just some of her most famous feet. Don’t forget about the rest of her body!

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