Amy Schneider Ex Wife

Kelly Schneider and Amy Schneider were married in 2000. Their relationship was difficult because Schneider’s gender identity was not accepted. They also had a forced orientation towards maleness. Schneider, an engineer by trade, has brown eyes. She also has brown hair. Schneider was born November 18, 1982. She attended the university of Dayton. When the couple split, she started to see herself as a woman and sought divorce.

Her current partner, who was in his early twenties when the couple got married, is transgender. Though his real name is Thomas E. Schneider, Amy prefers the name Amy. The couple were married until recently. Schneider declared his transgender identity in 2016 and filed for divorce. However, this didn’t stop the relationship. Despite her transgender status the couple remained close friends for several years before they reconnected.

Amy Schneider met Kelly Anneken in college. The couple met while pursuing their Bachelor’s degrees. They split later. Amy’s first marriage failed because Kelly Annekan refused to identify as a woman. They eventually split. Amy Schneider won the Jeopardy competition in 2021 as a transsexual lady. It was the first time that a transgender person had won the game show. She won 17 times and won $536400.

Amy currently lives with Genevieve Davis. However, they remain in touch and have been dating since then. The couple even shared their engagement on social media. Amy’s necklace is a reminder of the sweet relationship that she had with Genevieve. Jack is also their cat. Amy and Genevieve have a daughter named Genevieve. Amy and Genevieve had a beautiful daughter, but it was a short-lived one. Amy and Genevieve are still friends and they love one another.

Amy Schneider is an American Engineering manager and a former Jeopardy! contestant. She was born on May 29, 1984 and married Keely Anneken in 2004. Keely Anneken, a transsexual, might be between 35 and 40 years old. Keely Anneken’s exact date of birth is still unknown. Amy Schneider is currently involved with a gay relationship.

Schneider is also a well-known contestant on the game show Jeopardy! She has won over $1 million and the fourth longest game streak on Jeopardy! Her most impressive accomplishment is winning 40 consecutive Jeopardy! rounds. In the end, she won $1.3 million. The show is still popular because of Amy Schneider’s winning streak. It is important to mention that she is transgender.

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