Andrea Canning Net Worth

Andrea Canning Net Worth

If you’re a fan of ABC News, you may have noticed Andrea Canning. This Canadian journalist is known for her work on the news show Dateline. However, the former Good Morning America reporter has been involved in many other projects. She’s also been featured in a number of films. Those include the Ruby Herring Mystery movies.

Born in Canada, Andrea Canning was raised in Collingwood. She attended Ryerson Polytechnic University and the University of Western Ontario. Then, she moved to Barrie, Ontario, to work for CKVR-TV. During her time in Barrie, she worked as an assignment editor for Extra. Eventually, she landed a job as a reporter and anchor for two years.

Canning joined NBC News in 2012. Before joining the network, she served as a correspondent for ABC News. Since 2012, she’s been a news correspondent on the network’s Dateline show. Her work for the network has earned her a high salary and substantial net worth. Moreover, her involvement in several notable trials has made her a sought-after journalist.

During her career, Canning has written 14 screenplays for Hallmark movies. In addition, she’s contributed to other NBC News platforms. As a journalist, she’s reported on the White House, the Iraq War, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Moreover, she’s also previewed investigative reports from the network.

Aside from her work as a reporter and anchor, Canning has also worked as a field producer for Extra. Previously, she was a correspondent for World News with Diane Sawyer. She also has a degree in radio and television arts from Ryerson Polytechnic University.

Canning’s net worth is estimated at approximately $2 million. She has also been linked to a number of weight loss programs in the past. Although she hasn’t revealed her exact salary, she estimates her income at between $1 million and $2 million. Besides her job, she’s also earned a considerable amount of money from her writing.

Canning’s parents are Gordon and Katherine Canning. Her father is the president of Blue Mountain Resorts Limited. Meanwhile, her mother has a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from the University of McGill. It was her mother who conceived her. Afterward, she gave birth to her first child, Anna Katherine Bancroft, in 2009. Moreover, she gave birth to her second daughter, Georgina Rapalje Bancroft, in 2009.

The news correspondent and actress is currently married to Tony Bancroft. They met on Thanksgiving weekend in 2006. After a three-year romance, the couple got engaged on Cutthunk Island, Massachusetts. Later on, they tied the knot at All Saints Anglican Church in Collingwood.

Since then, they have shared six children. Among them, they have one son. Their sixth child is due in June. When asked how she and her husband decided to name their son, Canning explained that they wanted a boy because of his father’s former name, George Anthony Bancroft II.

According to her interview with Charlie Sheen, Canning’s fame soared and her profile became much more prominent. She’s also received a number of awards. Most recently, she received the Distinguished Citizens Award.

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