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The Needle Drop & The Net Worth of Anthony Fantano

Anthony Fantano is an American music critic and YouTube vlogger best known for founding The Needle Drop YouTube channel. He refers to himself as “the internet’s busiest music nerd”, with videos covering pop, hip hop, rock metal and experimental genres among many others.

Anthony identifies as a social democrat and anti-war activist, advocating for socialized health care and a livable minimum wage system. He endorses Bernie Sanders’ ideas and campaign for president in 2020.

He was born in Houston, Texas on 28 October 1985 to Dominique Boxley of French Canadian descent and currently resides with her in Middletown, Connecticut.

Anthony Fantano’s Net Worth

After dabbling in various jobs throughout high school and college, Anthony Fantano decided to dedicate himself full time to music criticism in 2007. He first started writing reviews for Connecticut Public Radio’s Needle Drop before establishing his own website the following year.

As soon as he started making significant money from his blog, he left his other job behind and moved into an apartment of his own. Additionally, he hired a web designer to assist in organizing his music reviews.

His blog has amassed more than one million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views, becoming one of the world’s most widely read music blogs, earning him considerable net worth in return.

Fans of his work can follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – where he’s an active social media user who frequently retweets comments left by followers on his content.

He is both vegan and an atheist, having become vegetarian around age 18 or 19. Dominique Boxley also follows this type of diet.

Fantano of The Needle Drop has amassed a net worth of $2 Million as of 2022, through both his blog and YouTube video channel known as “The Needle Drop.” He describes himself as being “the internet’s busiest musical nerd”, with video content including discussion and reviews of music from a wide variety of genres as well as comedic hip hop songs performed under Cal Chuchesta alias.

As of 2018, The Needle Drop had amassed over one million subscribers and generated over 400 million views, becoming an enormous success for Fantano who currently estimates having amassed an estimated net worth of $2 Million by 2022.

Anthony Fantano lives with his wife Dominique Boxley in Middletown, Connecticut where they share custody of their son Jace.

At 18-19, he converted to veganism. His African-American wife supports his work and often appears in his YouTube videos as an advocate.

He is a popular vlogger who is widely-renowned for creating engaging and captivating video content. Additionally, he’s an animal enthusiast and owns an adorable dog named Moochi. His social media accounts remain very active with followers checking them frequently to see what he’s up to; there are five Twitter accounts and one Tumblr account under his control.

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