Apeks Regulators

Apeks regulators are renowned for their high-quality construction and precision craftsmanship. They are widely used by technical divers around the world, and have been rated the best gear for diving in harsh environments. Their precision and quality ensure your safety and comfort while diving. If you are looking for a regulator that will last you for years, Apeks is your best option.

The Apeks MTX-R regulator is specifically designed to perform in freezing water. The design of the regulator’s first stage end cap prevents ice buildup and free flow. It is also incredibly easy to service, even in the field. The regulator features an over-moulded first-stage end cap that prevents ice from forming.

Apeks has introduced a new range of regulators in 2017. The XL4 series, based on the Apeks DS4 first-stage, provides better breathability than its predecessors. The second stage of the XL4+ has two high-pressure ports to help protect your mouth and throat against cold water.

Apeks is a British diving gear manufacturer that started in 1974. Its name derives from the initials of founder Ken Ainscough. The company is now owned by the Air Liquide subsidiary Aqua Lung. Apeks regulators are highly regarded in the technical diving community, with many emergency services and military divers using them.

Among the Apeks regulators, the XTX200 is the flagship regulator. Its first stage has a proven “FSR” design with a bright chrome finish. The second stage is reversible, making it easier to change from left to right. The regulator comes with a large tee for the best dispersion of exhaust bubbles. In addition to these features, the regulator has venturi controls and diver-adjustable opening effort.

Apeks regulators are designed to perform well in all environments, including cold water. The lightweight design helps reduce jaw fatigue on long dives. Its streamlined design makes it an ideal stage regulator. The Apeks XL4 is also highly compact, making it a great option for technical divers who want a high-performance regulator without a huge price tag.

Apeks regulators are ideal for technical and recreational divers alike. While they may not be the most comfortable, they can stand up to a lot of abuse. Many of their models are highly adaptable, and their service centres can customize them with different parts, including the second stage feed side or the first stage feed side. The flagship of the Apeks regulator line, the XTX 200 is a fully balanced primary regulator that meets environmental seal requirements.

Apeks regulators have been used by the military for decades. With the latest military specification regulators, Apeks has developed two models of regulators for the consumer market. The MTX-R is based on the Apeks MTX regulator, which was designed to meet the extreme cold water tests conducted by the United States Navy Experimental Dive Unit.

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