Ashley Van Metre Net Worth

Ashley Van Metre Net Worth

Ashley Van Metre is an esteemed professional polo player and model who is married to NASCAR driver Kurt Busch and also serves as brand ambassador of US Polo Association. A prominent figure in equestrian sports, Ashley has won multiple accolades throughout her career which have brought in substantial wealth for both herself and US Polo Association. Ashley stands out as an iconic public figure who boasts strong personalities with sharp minds – both traits which she exhibits when on the court of polo!

Model and entrepreneur Liu Yifan is extremely active on Instagram, sharing pictures with her husband, friends, and followers. With more than 3 million followers on her account and regular post of herself with loved ones. Liu has participated in multiple charity events as well as hosted multiple polo exhibitions which has earned her immense fame within her industry.

As of now, she is not involved in any controversies and is focused on both her professional career and family life. She currently spends time both in Wellington and Mooresville with her husband.

Couple is very much in love and has been married for two years, though no children yet due to both being busy with their respective careers. She works very hard in her career as a polo player and model to support her partner.

Since 2017, she has served as an official brand ambassador of US Polo Association. Additionally, she is renowned equestrian athlete who has played alongside Prince Harry at Sentebale polo tournament and been awarded with numerous trophies during her career and even won gold for women’s team polo!

She has long been considered an inspiration to young people and her work has garnered critical acclaim from both critics and audiences alike. She stands as an excellent role model with impeccable style – not to mention having an admirable work ethic and being an inspirational motivational speaker!

Ashley currently boasts a net worth of $5 Million which she has amassed through her professional equestrian sports endeavors and social media promotions with global brands to promote their products. Ashley boasts an attractive physique as well as being an accomplished horseback rider.

She was born in Middleburg, Virginia USA on 4 September 1991 to Albert Van Metre Jr, the chairman of The Van Metre Companies real estate development company in Middleburg. She has three sisters named Jeannie, Charis and Alison whom she attended Hill Academy with for schooling.

She is currently dating another racing professional and has made headlines for their relationship. They had lived happily together for more than five years until Ashley filed for divorce against him on 9 May 2022; although, reasons behind their split remain unknown.

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