Askale Davis Net Worth

Askale Davis Net Worth

Askale Davis is an entrepreneur and businesswoman best known for her appearance on season six of Real Housewives of Potomac. She has amassed an extensive following on social media – more than [ICIC]. Additionally, Askale owns fashion clothing brand called A Look by Askale.

Askale, in addition to being an entrepreneur and reality TV star, is also a wife and mother. She shares two children with Dre Davis as well as having two stepsons and daughters from a previous relationship.

She enjoys spending time with her family and posting pictures with them online. One such post even featured them wearing matching outfits!

Askale Davis may be unknown for sure but one can safely assume she has amassed quite the fortune. In addition to her Real Housewives of Palm Beach salary, she runs a successful clothing and accessory business selling luxury clothing and accessories as well as being a real estate investor and philanthropist.

This show has seen lots of drama and has gained more traction than ever, due to its powerful women cast members such as Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger Candiace Dillard Bassett and Mia Thornton – as well as another well-known member such as Askale Davis!

Askale is an avid Ethiopian-American with strong family roots. She takes great pleasure in sharing her life and hopes to inspire other people towards greater enlightenment and improvement of themselves. Hard working and goal driven, Askale strives toward meeting her objectives with diligence. As her life path number indicates, Askale aspires towards reaching all her objectives – her life path number indicates this fact!

Personality-wise, Askale holds her family in high regard. Both of her parents were immigrants from Ethiopia who worked tirelessly to build what they have today – particularly her mom Yeshi Y Shiferaw who fled Ethiopia at just 17 and made the journey alone to America, leaving behind everything but what was on her back – an incredible example and proud ambassador of both heritage and culture!

Askale is an incredible and talented individual who has accomplished much in her life. She serves as an incredible role model for young women, making an exceptional addition to Real Housewives of Potomac and we hope she stays for many seasons to come!

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