Astral Regulator Thanos

Astral Regulators are artifacts with immeasurable power. These beings can control our reality and prevent a collision of universes. As such, they are kept in a secure place. They are created by the One-Above-All, who is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient.

In the Marvel Comics, Thanos has the Astral Regulator, which he acquired by absorbing the abstracts of other Cosmic Beings and transforming them into his own body. In the process, he became the second most powerful being in the Marvel universe and temporarily possessed more power than all the Infinity Gems put together. He has also defeated the Living Tribunal and every hero in his timeline.

Astral Regulators control the space between different universes. Originally, they were controlled by Thanos’ future self. As a result, they were able to absorb the Beings Above-All-Others, the Living Tribunal, and the One-Above-All. These beings are the foundation of the Marvel Universe.

In the Marvel Comics, the Astral Regulators are the cosmic entities that keep all of the universes from clashing with each other. They hold the unfathomable mind of God together. As such, they are responsible for the creative force behind Marvel comics. The Astral Regulators control Thanos’ mind, which is the essence of cosmic creation.

The Astral Regulator Thanos is not a good product. But, it is possible that it will be improved in the future. In the meantime, the One-Above-All has made the Astral Regulator and is keeping order. It has been found in Earths, and Thanos has found a way to make it work in the Earths.

Thanos’ astral Regulator is one of the most powerful and mysterious artifacts in the Marvel Universe. He discovered its power by intervening in time-streams. In doing so, he absorbed most of the cosmic beings of the Marvel Universe. He then used it to kill the majority of them. Afterward, Thanos also took control of Lady Death.

The Astral Regulator allows Thanos to absorb cosmic abstracts, enabling him to be the One-Above-All-Others. Unlike the Monarch, Thanos cannot control Superboy Prime. Starlin is capable of taking on Thanos’ role for a short time, but she cannot do so permanently.

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