Avery Brooks Net Worth

Avery Brooks Net Worth

Avery Brooks Net Worth is an internationally acclaimed American actor. He is well known both in Hollywood and on TV series such as NCIS; becoming increasingly popular worldwide through hard work to achieve his success now and build his own empire. Born 2 October 1948 in Evansville Indiana – where his education took place – Avery has an abundance of talent as well as three decades worth of acting/music work experience to his name.

Ben Sisko of Star Trek fame. With an excellent singing voice and handsome features that exude intelligence, he serves as an inspirational role model to many younger generations today.

Avery Brooks was raised in a musical family; his maternal grandfather was a tenor who traveled around with his band during the 1930s. Brooks boasts an impressive musical resume, having performed as one of the starring roles in two stage productions of X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X and Tania as well as singing in multiple operas; in addition, he has taught at Rutgers University for over four decades as an adjunct professor.

At an extremely young age, he began his professional acting career. Appearing in several films and television shows, his talents made him very popular among viewers and fellow actors. Furthermore, his excellent vocal talent makes him even more appealing; not to mention his entertaining sense of humor and sometimes cheeky remarks!

He quickly gained fame when he won the role of Ben Sisko in the popular DS9 television series. His acting was greatly appreciated by all who watched it; eventually the series went global and became one of the highest rated shows ever.

Avery Brooks is more than an actor; he’s also a musician and writer. He has written many songs, recorded albums and is particularly fond of singing and writing; his soothing, calm voice lends itself well to musical compositions. Avery has received many awards both for his writing/singing as well as acting.

Rumors circulated about Brooks being blacklisted from Hollywood. Cirroc Lofton, his co-star on DS9, made some vague allegations that Brooks was not being offered television and movie shows due to his race; these claims were later disproved by Brooks himself; after graduating both Indiana University and Oberlin College as well as earning a master’s degree from Rutgers University he got married and had three children: Asante, Cabral and Ayana. Overall he is considered a very good person who has accomplished much in life.

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