Barry Storage Wars Net Worth

Barry Weiss Net Worth

Barry Weiss has become a household name since appearing on Storage Wars. His multimillion-dollar business specializes in antiques and collectibles, which makes him an excellent candidate to appear. Due to being close with Thom Beers (executive producer/narrator of Storage Wars), Weiss decided to join in. He quickly earned fame for his witty comments during auctions as well as taking risks when bidding. At times psychics were brought along, night vision goggles, or a remote controlled plane were used to determine item values before bidding began!

He is also well known for his impressive collection of cars, most notably his 1947 custom cowboy Cadillac which can frequently be seen on the show. Additionally, he is an avid gambler on the show who will spend large sums to win whatever items are on his wishlist.

Barry can make between $950,000-$1.1M per episode on the show, according to a lawsuit filed by Dave Hester. According to that figure, Barry is one of the highest earning cast members on the series.

Barry has become a fan-favorite on Storage Wars due to his impressive car collection and engaging personality; two spin-off series from this reality TV show feature him. They include Barry’s Treasure and Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back.

His interest in antiques began at an early age. With a degree in fine art and over 25 years experience as an antique collector, his collection now numbers over 2,000 pieces and has even been showcased at multiple museum exhibits.

As much as some may believe the show Storage Wars to be an elaborate hoax, in reality there are real estate professionals present who use reality television shows as an avenue for buying units that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to obtain otherwise and renting these spaces to other investors to make some extra income on their investments.

Escaping from work to make extra cash while enjoying yourself can be an excellent way to build wealth – many have taken advantage of this opportunity and begun renting their storage units out as rental businesses!

Barry stands out as not only being one of the cast members on Storage Wars but also possessing extensive musical industry experience. He has worked as an executive producer for record labels like RCA and Jive; this career path enabled him to amass an immense fortune, which now makes him the richest star on Storage Wars.

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