Bellamy Brothers Net Worth

The Bellamy Brothers Net Worth

The Bellamy Brothers are an American country music duo from Florida in the United States who have amassed an estimated net worth of $40 Million through successful musical careers, touring and business ventures.

The two musicians began performing in Darby, Florida bars and clubs where they quickly developed a loyal fanbase. Thanks to their talent and natural comedic personalities, their fame spread beyond local venues to larger arenas like television shows – continuing for over two decades now as musicians!

David and Howard Bellamy were raised in a musical household, with their father performing traditional country music at home. From early on in life, both brothers demonstrated musical prowess; picking up instruments and writing songs independently. Jim Stafford recorded David’s “Spiders and Snakes”, an amusing tale reminiscing their boyhood experiences which eventually sold over three million copies worldwide.

In 1976, they signed with Curb Records and released their debut album Let Your Love Flow which quickly rose up the charts of both US and international audiences. Subsequent hit singles by this group of brothers included 1977’s “Plain & Fancy” and 1979’s “Redneck Girl.”

As the decade progressed, the Bellamy Brothers made the switch from mainstream country music to more of an Americana sound on their albums. Never forgetting their roots though, on 2005’s Angels & Outlaws Vol 1 the duo recorded many of their classic songs with special guests such as Alan Jackson and Dolly Parton for Angels & Outlaws Vol 1. Additionally in 2007 Jesus Is Coming was released as well as working together with Swiss rock band Gola on creating Lonely Planet (released 2010). Additionally unique opportunities such as recording with Austrian DJ Otzi for Angels & Outlaws Vol 1; however they recorded numerous tracks with guest artists including Dolly Parton for 2005 album Angels & Outlaws Vol 1 recording many classic hits with special guest artists like Alan Jackson re-recorded vocalist Dolly Parton for Lonely Planet album (2010).

While The Bellamy Brothers continue their touring and recording endeavors, they’ve also been keeping themselves busy with other ventures. Last year they joined medical marijuana company Trulieve in creating Old Hippie Stash flower product line, while supporting Smart & Safe Florida campaign’s effort for safe cannabis regulation in their home state of Florida.

Alongside their musical talents, the brothers have also taken great care to engage in charitable and philanthropic efforts throughout their careers. They have long been supporters of United Negro College Fund as well as long-standing partners of Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

The Bellamy brothers live on a ranch in Central Florida with their children Jesse and Noah, boast an impressive stable of horses, and continue performing for fans worldwide. Recently they wrapped production on Season Three of Honky Tonk Ranch for Grand Ole Opry Circle Country which can now be streamed.

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