Benjamin Kickz Net Worth

Benjamin Kickz Net Worth

Benjamin Kickz net worth is an aspiring businessperson widely recognized for his shoes flipping business. He has become well-known within the sneaker community and boasts thousands of followers on Instagram as well as his website where he sells sneakers for profit. Benjamin has also been featured on various media outlets like Complex and New York Magazine among many others. Benjamin was born on October 14, 1999 in America.

Benjamin was born to Russian immigrants who settled in Florida. He shares an excellent bond with both of his parents, as well as having an older brother named Daniel. Benjamin enjoys spending time with both of his families, is extremely hard working, and strives hard at making his company successful. Benjamin harbors dreams of becoming an actor himself – an ambition which he continues to strive towards every day.

Benjamin became fond of sneakers during school and started selling them resell them to make money. Later he created his own online sneaker brand which has earned a large following across social media accounts and sold for an exorbitant price on his website, helping him build an empire in shoe flipping business.

Benjamin is one of the most promising businesspeople, boasting immense potential to advance his career. Through hard work and perseverance he is well on his way towards realizing his dreams. Benjamin is incredibly intelligent with great vision who has successfully transformed ideas into realities; as evidenced by becoming a millionaire at only 19! It truly amazing that such success exists today.

Benjamin’s success in the sneaker market has earned him many celebrity clients over time, such as DJ Khaled, Drake and Bad Bunny. Additionally, this Florida native boasts an extensive social media following on Instagram as well as being featured in prominent publications like Complex Magazine and NY Mag.

Benjamin Kickz expanded his shoe flipping empire dramatically in 2014 when he met an influential music producer and celebrity who helped to put their sneakers in front of more people. This meeting proved pivotal to expanding Benjamin Kickz’s business; since then he has seen even greater growth.

Benjamin not only sells shoes but he has his own website where he sells off some of his personal collection as well. With an array of sneakers from different brands and styles ranging in styles and brands he boasts an enormous following on both platforms as well as having lots of views for videos uploaded there as well.

Benjamin has had several relationships but rarely discusses them on social media. At present, he appears focused on growing his business rather than finding someone special to date at this time.

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