Bill Carlton Texas Metal Net Worth

Bill Carlton Net Worth – A Look at Bill Carlton’s Texas Metal Net Worth

Bill Carlton is an automotive industry professional who has amassed great wealth through Ekstensive Metal Works, his auto company. Additionally, he is known as the creator of Texas Metal; this reality show shows his team transforming cars and trucks into jaw-dropping masterpieces before fans’ very eyes on Texas Metal; Bill has received much acclaim from fans for their outstanding work; Texas Metal has run successfully for four seasons and gained significant acclaim among auto enthusiasts alike.

Ekstensive Metal Works team of designers is well known for combining artistic design with their exceptional knowledge of car mechanics to craft stunning custom vehicles, making the company one of the premier names in custom vehicle world. Ekstensive has become one of the premier names for customized vehicles with its impressive portfolio that includes jaw-dropping monster trucks and bold muscle cars for clients such as John Cena and Ted Nugent – and this success has generated an impressive annual revenue.

Bill Carlton has made great strides in expanding his career through social media, particularly Instagram, by regularly sharing images from Ekstensive Metal Works on his page and posting pictures that showcase their magnificent craftsmanship. Over 200k people follow him there and his brand stands strong online.

Bill Carlton is an ardent family man and treasures the time spent with his wife Jennifer and three children Keegan, Presley and Corbin. Married for more than 22 years now, they maintain a healthy marriage without any signs of divorce or separation in sight.

Bill has earned a considerable net worth through hard work and commitment to the automotive industry. Ekstensive Metal Works serves as his main source of income; additionally he’s been part of Texas Metal’s cast for four years which has contributed greatly to his earnings.

Bill Carlton is an ambitious individual, striving hard to reach his goals in all areas of his life. With an optimistic approach and positive outlook on life, he works to improve his work and exceed customer expectations. Alongside running his business successfully, he also donates generously to charitable causes while advocating strongly for education as an industry. Bill is truly inspiring people from around the world and serves as a role model to many.

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