Brittny Smith

In Summer: The Donna Summer Musical, Brittny Smith stars as Diva Donna. Born in Texas, Smith has been an actress for as long as her memory can recall. She landed her first national gig when she was seven years old. Smith was born in the Disco Era and was raised in dance. She has since pursued a career in entertainment. She has since gone on to become an award-winning actress and vocalist.

The incident in question took place in Stevenson, Alabama, when Brittany shot her boyfriend Todd Smith. Smith was accused of raping Brittany, but the case turned violent. Despite plea deals being offered, Brittany remained adamant about the case, believing that a jury would acquit her. But on Oct. 9, she pleaded guilty to murder. During the trial, she testified that she had no memory of shooting Todd, and that she did so in self-defense. She also stated that she had promised her brother Todd that she would kill Todd.

In July 2009, Smith, a Harvard undergraduate, entered into a non-prosecution agreement. Smith, according to the prosecution, lied to investigators and misled grand jury. Smith’s defense lawyer refuted these claims. Smith called a taxi to take the men to South Station after the hearing. She later boarded a bus to New York. Smith returned to school the next day.

A member of the Strategic Energy Analysis Center’s Washington D.C. office, Brittany Smith specializes in public policy and technology. Her work at NREL has won several awards, including a National Magazine Award and a New York Times Best Young Journalist award. She loves the outdoors and is active in many community organizations. Brittany enjoys yoga, kayaking, and exploring new places. A recent article on Brittany Smith in The Atlantic says that she lives by her mantra.

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