Burt Sugarman Net Worth

Burt Sugarman Net Worth

Burt Sugarman is an American film and TV producer. He is a founder of Burt Sugarman Productions. In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, he has also been involved in many television specials. His most recent venture is Entertainment Tonight, which ran from 2008 to 2010.

Although Burt Sugarman is known for his work in the entertainment industry, he does have other interests and investments. The majority of his wealth is based on his productions. During his career, he has produced a number of popular television shows and movies. Some of these include The Wizard of Odds, Children of a Lesser God, Crimes of the Heart, Dionne Warwick Souled Out, and The Manipulator.

Sugarman first entered the entertainment industry in the 1960s. He started out as a film and TV director, but soon decided to take a break and get into production. By the 1970s, he had produced a number of films and shows that became extremely popular. Among his best-known productions are the films Children of a Lesser God and The Midnight Special. These were nominated for an Academy Award.

He has also worked as a producer of television programs and game shows. Burt has also been the head of The Giant Group, an entertainment firm that bought investments in media firms. They later sold their business to Sony in 1989.

Aside from his work in the entertainment industry, Burt has been married twice. His first marriage was to Pauline Schur. They had three children. Their marriage ended in 1961. Another relationship was with actress Ann-Margret. However, their marriage was dissolved at the last minute. This led to a legal divorce.

Burt Sugarman married again in 1975 to Carol Wayne. They had a son named Alec Jay Sugarman in 1991. After they separated, Carol Wayne filed for divorce. She got divorced legally in 1980. It was during this time that Sugarman was close to marrying Ann-Margret.

While the couple was still together, Burt Sugarman began a new life. He dated Patti Chandler and Ann-Margret. Sadly, the romance was short-lived. At the same time, he partnered with Barbara Cook. Their only child, AJ, was born in 1991.

Burt has recently been credited in several other television shows, including Celebrity Sweepstakes. Additionally, he has been a producer of the Dionne Warwick special. Earlier, Burt was credited as an executive producer of the television shows Changing Scene and The Switched-On Symphony.

Burt Sugarman was born on January 4, 1939. He is 82 years old as of 2021. Burt Sugarman has an average body weight and he has grey eyes.

Burt Sugarman has been living in a condominium in Los Angeles. He has a total net worth of about $100 million. He is estimated to have $2 million in annual income. Despite his hefty income, he is not on any social media platforms. Nevertheless, he is still active in the entertainment industry and is working as a legislative assistant.

Though he is not known for his academics, Burt Sugarman has an impressive amount of wealth and assets. For example, he owns several properties in Montana, which are estimated to have a value of $50 million.

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