Buttering His Popcorn

Buttering His Popcorn – Joey Mills and Devy Devy

This video shows Joey licking butter from his popcorn tub while fucking his coworkers, Devy (and Felix). This video has gone viral, racking up over 3.6 million views, 289,000 likes, and over 2,000 comments. While many commenters have said they have tried the hack, some add extra tips to prevent the butter from dripping through the tub. Others recommend layering popcorn behind the counter.

Joey fucks Devy, his coworker.

Buttering His Popcorn has returned with a new part featuring Joey Mills and Devy. Joey is a concessions worker and makes a great pair with Devy. This part has Joey holding Devy’s hand for several minutes, while giving her seductive looks. This is the hot new part.

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