Button The Busker Net Worth

Button the Busker Net Worth

Button is an incredible artist and talented multi-instrumentalist, an accomplished core street musician, a generous man living a simple yet bucolic life and giving more than enough back to his audience. His mesmerizing skills have become legendary across the world with fans looking forward to each performance; Button has even won over many TikTok viewers!

He enjoys an impressive following on Instagram; with over 150,000 followers following buttonthebusker’s account. Here he posts pictures and videos from his performances; in addition he is active on Twitter and YouTube as well. In May 2021 his beloved cat Max passed away, although his career now primarily involves busking.

Tony has been performing at Ocean City’s Boardwalk for three summers now, making a good living from tourist tips alone. During his downtime he enjoys creating comic book and fantasy costumes; building them is his passion! This summer, his costume emulated Marvel comics superhero Iron Man (fictitious billionaire Tony Stark in comic books). Even down to sporting his goatee akin to Stark himself while performing!

He can be seen singing while simultaneously playing both harmonica and acoustic guitar, tapping his foot along to the beat, paying tribute to musicians such as Oasis and Red Hot Chili Peppers, while using video replies as responses to fans’ comments.

According to Possible, Tony Button reportedly earns between $18,000 to $22,400 annually through busking in New York. A talented singer himself, Button’s voice has been damaged due to excessive performing. Busking since 2011, Button now boasts more than 100,000 followers on Instagram where he posts photos and videos from his performances.

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