Candy Ken Net Worth

Candy Ken Net Worth – Facts About the Austrian Rapper and TikTok Star

Candy Ken, an Austrian rapper and TikTok star from Austria has amassed an impressive sum from his videos on TikTok. Alongside his musical career and modeling gigs, his incomes from both careers have substantially increased his net worth. Candy Ken is widely known for his unique style which can be seen both musically and lifestyle videos; wearing colorful outfits and sporting multiple tattoos such as unicorn and swastika tattoos on his back; as well as having a grill on his mouth and temporary Hello Kitty tattoos on his back!

Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl, more popularly known by his moniker Candy Ken, was born on 27 July 1992 in Bregenz, Austria and his zodiac sign is Leo. Unfortunately his parents remain unknown as well as any information on his personal life relating to their upbringing and upkeep.

After attending Lette-Verein in Berlin, Germany and then Wenatchee, Washington for studies, he decided to drop out and pursue musical performance instead of studying college in 2014. Soon thereafter he started posting short videos to social media, soon becoming popular across the globe with viewers appreciating them greatly. Since then he has released four songs and two albums; Real Talk being his debut release while Flamingo followed in March 2017.

Candy Ken has amassed over 13 million followers on TikTok, thanks to his entertaining pranks and dances. He has even collaborated with some of the industry’s renowned singers. Candy Ken is well-known for his tattoos as well as his distinct personality – all thanks to hard work and dedication on his part.

Candy Ken has also established himself as a model, appearing in photoshoot sessions for various magazines such as VMAN, Paper and Dazed. Additionally, he has appeared in some films and TV series as an actor or star of these projects. Candy boasts an attractive, strong and masculine physique with 5 feet 7 inches height and wears US shoe size 9.

The rapper is an avid video game enthusiast and enjoys playing them on his iPad. He likes spending time with family and friends, watching movies and attending parties; surfing the Internet; listening to favorite rappers.

Candy Ken and Jostasy, two Instagram models, are in an online relationship and frequently seen together on their accounts. Marriage plans are underway between them and they plan to marry sometime around 2020 in a gold themed wedding that meets Covid-19 requirements at a Beverly Hills resort. After the big day they plan on living an idyllic life together and raising their daughter lavishly. We wish them success for future endeavors!

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