Cecily S Cornett

A woman named Cecily S. Cornett was found dead in a barrel on June 30. She was 21 years old and a star athlete in high school. Her mother, Marilyn Cornett, raised her since she was born. Cecily was often seen in family photos. It is unclear what caused her death, but the Butler County Coroner’s Office says the body was in such poor condition that forensic testing was impossible.

According to police, Slaton cut off the fingers of the victim and removed the tattoos on her body. He then sealed the skin and finger pieces inside a small bowl and hid them in the basement. Afterwards, he took the body to an area near the home’s shed. The cause of death is still unknown, but Slaton was charged with abusing the corpse and failing to report the crime.

Slaton, who was found with Cornett’s body, has been charged with murder and battery. He allegedly used a knife on Cornett’s fingers to remove her tattoos and cut her fingers. Then, he lied to police. When police went back to Slaton’s home, he discovered Cornett’s body hanging in his basement. Slaton, however, has yet to confess to the crime.

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