Chad Ehlers Net Worth

Chad Ehlers Net Worth

Chad Ehlers Net Worth

American Tiktok Star and Social Media Influencer Who is also Known as da_Chad
The former nurse turned social media influencer has earned his fame by posting lip sync, dance, and comedy videos on the Tik Tok platform. He has also risen to fame as an actor and motivational speaker. He is also the founder of the Chad Change Positivity Movement, which helps people with mental health issues, cancer, domestic violence and abuse.

Founded in May 2020, Chad Change is now a global movement with over 400 members. The organization is dedicated to offering a judgement free platform for people to share their feelings and receive support. In addition, Chad Change also offers multiple resources within their platform for people to access.

Chad Change is a social media movement which has been created by former nurse and tiktok star, Chad Ehlers. He started this movement to help people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, mental health disorder, cancer and domestic violence. He uses his renowned social media presence to uplift people in need.

He is also a motivational speaker and has been featured on several popular publications. He frequently updates his followers on his daughter Mia’s battle with leukemia.

Life Path Number 7

Having a life path number of 7 indicates that Chad Ehlers is a highly self-aware person who is always exploring their inner world. He is constantly searching for new information and trying to improve himself in all areas of his life.

Born in the United States on November 11, 1983, Chad Ehlers is a famous celebrity tiktok star and actor. He is a father to two daughters, Kyra and Mia.

His daughter Mia has been fighting with leukemia for the past two years, and she is currently being treated at the University of Alabama-Birmingham Children’s Hospital. He often posts about her struggle on his da chad account and has gained a large following for his positive message.

He has been a featured guest on several radio shows, and he has appeared in various television commercials. He has also written several articles for popular magazines such as NY Weekly and LA Wire.

As a Tik Tok star, he has earned millions of dollars from his popularity on the social media platform. He is a self-made millionaire and has a net worth of 500,000$+ in 2023.

His net worth primarily comes from his career as a tiktok star and his charity work with Chad Change. He is also a motivational speaker who travels the country to promote positivity in the communities.

About His First Wife

When Chad was young, his parents divorced. After a while, he remarried. But his wife suffered from chronic depression and eventually committed suicide.

He was left to raise his two daughters on his own. He was able to get an associate’s degree in nursing and a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in exercise science.

He married Ruslana and they had a daughter together. However, they had a split up and have since divorced. He is a single dad to his two daughters and lives in Alabama with them.

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