Chad Muska Net Worth

Chad Muska Net Worth

Chad Muska net worth is an American skateboarder who made a name for himself by pushing the limits of what was possible on a board. His signature style and high-risk maneuvers have inspired numerous skateboarders as well as people in creative industries worldwide. Over his career, he collaborated with various companies on merchandise, artwork and shoe production as well as publishing several books and appearing in several television shows.

Brandon Cole “Bam” Margera is an American skateboarder, television personality and stunt performer best known for his roles on Jackass television shows and movies. Additionally he has made multiple other television appearances as well as successfully established himself in film.

At 12 years old, he first took up skateboarding after seeing some kids skating in a parking lot and instantly becoming intrigued by it. After saving up money for his own skateboard and starting practicing regularly, he gradually found recognition for his skills and was invited to compete in competitions. Shorty’s then offered him sponsorship – Fulfill the Dream video helped further increase exposure and popularity.

Later, he moved to California and continued his passion for skateboarding. Soon enough, he was offered a role on Jackass – one of the world’s most beloved skateboard shows and movies; it has also spawned three movies that have proven just as wildly popular as well as being featured in multiple other shows and providing stunt work.

Although he has had great success in skateboarding, he has faced some significant personal struggles as well. He has openly admitted his struggles with addiction and sought treatment. Additionally, he has spoken about spirituality being instrumental in staying sober and raising a son named Dashiel is a huge source of motivation to stay sober.

Professional skateboarder Danny Way is widely considered one of the most marketable in his profession and boasts an enormous following on social media. In addition to selling his signature shoes and clothing lines, and producing skateboard wheel products under his own label brand. Danny also holds stakes in an indoor skate park as well as having interests in multiple businesses including an emerging microbrewery venture.

Mr. Fallon has become a staple on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as well as appearing frequently elsewhere on television. Additionally, he co-owns Factory413 skateboard store in Los Angeles which is valued at approximately $16 Million.

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