Chip Puns

Chip puns, aside from the standard fare, are a great way to add humor to any conversation. It’s hard to find a good fish or chip without some zing. Chip puns are a great way for people to break up the monotony of eating the same old chips for days.

A great way to celebrate the delicious snack is with a funny chip card. Choose a digital illustration and print it on a bright white card. Then, add a blue envelope and you’re all set! If you want to include a little more pizzazz, add a chip pun to the inside of the card. These chip puns are great for children. There are plenty of chip puns for family members who love chips.

In addition to sarcasm, you can choose from many other kinds of puns that are based on this tasty vegetable. You can use a potato salad as a mash-up of a famous story about a sea monster that devoured twelve ships carrying potatoes. For example, “baby potatoes” refers to a baby potato while “spec-tater”, a good-looking potato, is used.

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