Chris And Emily

During their freshman year at Immaculata University, Chris and Emily began dating. They started dating in the summer 2008. They met in the summer of 2008. After graduating, they moved to Pennsylvania. However, they had already made plans to move to Los Angeles by December 2013. They enjoyed visiting the movies, going to the beach, trying new foods, and making new friends while they lived in California. They also discovered their love for one another.

Despite their physical limitations, Chris and Emily Norton continue to fight for the American dream. Emily had a vision to help Chris reach his dream of walking across the stage at Luther College. In the years since his accident, Chris and Emily have married and adopted five daughters. They have fostered children and provided homes for more than 18 children during their journey. Emily and Chris’ inspirational story shows how God can turn a low point into the most beautiful gift of your life.

Their disabilities didn’t stop them from loving each other, but they helped one another overcome them. Chris, a devout Christian, suggested Emily see a therapist. She was reluctant to go, but soon realized that it was the only way to get her back on track. Ultimately, the experience helped Chris and Emily become better friends and partners. If you have been waiting for a happy ending, watch Chris and Emily’s movie!

They were a match made in Heaven. Their relationship began with a chance encounter on a college football field. Chris and Emily walked across the stage together, despite being paralyzed. They set a goal to walk seven yards together and eventually wed. They did not stop there. Emily even wore her wedding dress as a practice gown when the weather was not cooperating for their wedding. The couple adopted five more girls and took in seventeen foster children over the years.

Chris and Emily Norton’s relationship was forged through a chance encounter. Emily had previously tutored Whittley Marquez in middle school. Whittley had suffered through a rough childhood and believed she was worthless. Emily Norton stepped in to help her Christian friend and a Christian mentor. She remained close to the girls through their teenage years and became a mother, and a wife to four young girls.

In February, the couple adopted four daughters younger than them. The girls are now nine, five and three years old. One of their daughters is a biological sister, and the couple has held wheelchair camps for children with spinal injuries. Though parenthood is difficult, the couple has remained committed to each other. Emily has also suffered from mental health issues and was recently diagnosed with depression. Their strong relationship is supported by their five daughters.

The couple’s story began eight years ago, when Chris Norton sustained a neck injury while playing college football. Doctors said that he had a 3 percent chance of ever moving the neck. He fought against all odds and walked across graduation stage. Now, four years later, he is happily married to Emily Summers. Their story will inspire you. The couple and their children have a brighter future.

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