Chris Heisser Net Worth

What is Chris Heisser Net Worth?

Chris runs two small food industry businesses and boasts an estimated net worth of about $700,000. Born September 23rd 1961 and hailing from Los Angeles California he identifies with White American ethnicity and follows Christianity religion. After attending Newbury Park High School he started racing motocross professionally winning both National AMA Grand National Championship titles (125cc in 1982 and 1983)

Heather Locklear, an American actress he had known since high school, would later resurface 40 years later in their relationship. Heather is well known in Hollywood having appeared in shows such as Melrose Place and Dynasty; unfortunately though they had their share of issues including domestic violence charges that led them to consider divorce proceedings.

Heather was arrested for domestic abuse in February 2018, where she allegedly bit Heisser’s nose and attacked law enforcement officials visiting to check on her well-being. Heather eventually plead no contest and is currently under probationary status.

Regardless, they remain together and have even been seen together publicly. Although their relationship has experienced many ups and downs, it has remained intact so far.

Chris Heisser is an acclaimed businessperson who owns Hamercop Homes Inc, which deals with real estate. With 50 employees under his employ, Heisser is well-known as being hard working. Through this effort he has amassed significant wealth. Additionally, Heisser is passionate about motor sports and regularly attends races when possible.

His reputation in motor cross riding precedes him; fans and media outlets frequently refer to him by the nickname of “Tin Can”, as his signature custom aluminum gas tank has made an impactful statement about him and his work ethic.

Heisser not only enjoys racing bikes, but he is also passionate about skateboarding and has dedicated many of his years to this activity. His popularity can be found through social media; many followers wait eagerly for updates from him!

He has an average-sized build with long dark hair, light complexion, brown eyes and bearded with an expertise for motorcycles and cars. He boasts an excellent sense of humor as he doesn’t hesitate to express himself publicly and is known to speak his mind publicly when necessary. Additionally, he’s an amazing cook as well as dedicated father for his children; not to mention keeping up with trends that allow for an amazing lifestyle; definitely one to watch for in the future as this man has so much potential as both an attractive guy with sense of humor as an expert for motorcycles and cars.

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