Clever Ways To Store Shoes

If you have too many shoes, it’s time to find some clever ways to store them. Organizers and storage solutions can help you organize your shoes. Here are a few options: Clear bins, Stackable cube organizers, Galvanized buckets, and Drop-front boxes.

Drop-Front Boxes

Drop-front boxes for shoes are a great way to store and organize your shoes. They keep dust and other contaminants out of the box and allow easy access to all shoes. Additionally, these boxes can be stacked to maximize storage space. There are also some models that come in more than one color, allowing you to display several pairs of shoes at once.

Drop-front shoe boxes are not the most space-saving, but they are great for storing out of-season pairs or displaying prized pairs. These boxes are typically made of clear plastic and can protect your pairs of shoes from dust and other dirt.

Galvanized Buckets

Galvanized buckets make a great home accessory and can be an attractive place to store shoes. They can be painted to coordinate with the decor of your home, and you can place them under coat racks and along walls. These buckets also look great displayed on an entryway table or bench. These buckets can also be used to hold individual baskets.

A large PVC pipe is another clever way to store your shoes. They can be glued to a wall or screwed in. They can be stacked closely and on any wall, and they will look very artful. Another alternative to using galvanized buckets is to use old paint cans. These can be purchased online and drilled into the wall.

Stackable Cube Organizers

Stackable cube organizers for shoes offer a variety of storage options. They are convenient and come in a sleek black finish. They are easy to assemble and take apart, and the connectors can be used for long-lasting and lightweight purposes. They also have a maximum load capacity of 15 pounds.

Freestanding shoe cubbies are another option. These cubbies take up more space but are better for people who have many pairs of shoes. The cubbies are designed with individual “boxes,” with dividers that can be removed for taller pairs. You can also choose between white or translucent doors.

The shelves in the organizers can be rearranged as needed. Some of them come in a set of six. You can also use stackable cube organizers for other items. For example, you can place them on the floor and use them to store shoes that are out of season.

Clear Bins

Clear bins for shoes are a great way to organize your shoes in a small closet. Plastic boxes with clear bottoms and tops that stack easily can hold many shoes. They can also be stacked on the floor of your closet.

A shoe container is a great way to store shoes at work or at home. They are made of durable plastic and have ventilation holes at the rear. This allows air to circulate within the bins and prevents odor. The containers can also be easily cleaned with water and mild soap.

Under Bed Storage

Under bed storage for shoes can be a great way to keep your footwear organized and accessible. Under bed storage systems can be made of plastic, felt, canvas, or leather, and will help you maximize the space under the bed. The most popular types are lidded plastic boxes with wheels and zip-up fabric storage bags. However, you can also opt for stylish options like seagrass boxes.

These bins are ideal for storing out-of-season and long-term stashes. Under-bed storage has one drawback. You have to take out the entire box in order to get to your shoes. Some storage systems have a pull-out drawer that allows you to keep the box under your bed. Some storage units under the bed can hold up to two rows.

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