Cookie Monster Bong

A cookie monster bong might sound like something you would want to smoke when you’re feeling lazy. Fortunately, it doesn’t turn you into a blue puppet. The high from this marijuana strain is more of a cerebral one, with a flavor that’s both sweet and has notes of skunk and vanilla. While it won’t make you a cookie monster, it will give you serious munchies.

The Cookie Monster Sundae Bong from Empire Glassworks is an adorable little pipe that is both functional and fun. The cookie dough ice cream on the downstem looks like it’s dripping, and it has a chocolate chip cookie on top, which you can light from the side. The bong has a 45-degree-angled mouthpiece that allows you to smoke without your face being in the bowl. This design also prevents you from getting your eyebrows burned when you light it.

The Cookie Monster bong is filled with tealish ice-cream flavored glycerin. The showerhead perc cools the glycerin vapour and removes any impurities. In addition to this, the glycerin bowl also acts as a cooling step. It can help you get a softer hit with less smoke. Its slim design makes it a great option for beginners and advanced smokers alike.

The Cookie Monster bong is the ultimate gift for any glass lover! It’s a great way to celebrate your new hobby. Empire Glassworks’ Cookie Monster bong measures 6 inches tall and is made of high-quality, borosilicate glasses. The 14mm bowl piece has a deep bowl, a fixed downstem, and a cone-shaped straw. The Empire logo is also on the downstem. And to top it all off, the Empire Cookie Monster bong is made with a durable and high-quality borosilicate glass.

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