Crystal Gambino

The Confession of Crystal Gambino

When it comes to crimes, no one is exempt from the charges of murder and involuntary manslaughter. These charges can be especially complicated when it comes to cold-blooded crimes. This article will cover the various aspects of the crime, including the level of charges, Confession and Sentencencing. It also includes some information about the case’s most notable features. Based on the facts and circumstances surrounding the crime, you will be able determine the best course of action.

Involuntary manslaughter

The Gaston County, North Carolina, woman has been sentenced to 29 years in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. Crystal Leah Gambino was charged with three counts first-degree murder. She was facing life without parole, but pleaded guilty two counts each of second-degree and involuntary murder. Her family was not happy with the outcome. The mother of two children said that her daughter, Stephanie Lynn Sanchez, loved her family deeply and deserved more.

The caller stated that Crystal had killed three people in Gaston County. She confessed to the crime, but authorities later learned that she had been preparing to kill the men after the murders. Although Crystal didn’t take part in the sexual encounters, she did confess to the murders. In court, she apologized for her actions and accepted a plea deal with prosecutors.

The jury decided that Crystal Gambino was not guilty of the murders, but they did find that the crimes were intentional and that the woman’s actions were prompted by her husband’s drinking and drug use. She entered a guilty plea to one charge of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of second-degree murder, and was sentenced to 23 to 29 years in prison. She is currently being held at the Anson Correctional Institution, Polkton, North Carolina.

The judge also found that both men were living together at time of incident. Geoffrey and Stephanie were married just a few weeks before. Their court hearing was held in January 2008 and Crystal’s guilty verdict was handed down last month. Crystal’s mental health and domestic violence were the motivations for the two crimes, according to the family lawyer. Ultimately, Crystal was sentenced to 23 to 29 years in prison and six to eight years of probation.

Cold-blooded murder

Authorities sought to connect Crystal to the Gambinos, the Geoffrey-Stephanie murders and other crimes during a police investigation. It was discovered that Giovanni had been to Crystal’s house and they were both acquainted via the internet. The two had met through social media and Giovanni had invited the two to engage in sexual relations. Crystal refused to have sexual relations with the Gambinos and killed them cold-bloodedly.

Gio and Crystal left their daughter behind at school with another man, while they went out for cocaine-fuelled sexual sex. Crystal became enraged when she discovered the trio. She fired 15 rounds out of a revolver and twice reloaded it before hitting Gio with a bullet in the heart. Although the caller was unsure if Crystal was telling the truth, he decided to report her.

Gio Gambinos led a secret life. She met Sanchez and Gilliland through an online dating site for swingers. She arranged a tryst with them when Crystal was out of town. She lived in a squalid $55 motel, far from the Waldorf-Astoria. She was only a few hours away from her daughter’s school when she was called to pick her up. But despite the harrowing circumstances, she confessed to the crime. The judge told the family that the prosecutors had a heavy burden of proof in first-degree murder cases.

Crystal Gambino was taken into custody on February 29th and placed in Gaston County jail without bail. She is accused of three murders. Her husband and two neighbors were killed. Her sister, Stephanie Lynn Sanchez was also arrested in the case and was also killed by a burglar. Their bodies were found in the apartment, with a bloodbath in their bedroom. A concerned family member called 911 to report the woman’s welfare and discovered that they had been murdered.

Gio Gambino and Crystal Gambino were married for two years. They lived in Gaston County North Carolina. Giovanni and Crystal appeared happy and in love in their public life, but their relationship was rapidly deteriorating. According to the reality TV show, the couple kept secrets and lost physical affection. However, the two were separated several times after the marriage ended in 2009 and divorced the same year.


The Confession of Crystal Gambino has shocked readers, but it also raises a serious question: What is her motive? Crystal was accused of killing three people, two men and a woman, and hid the bodies after the killings. She tried to hide her tracks by washing the bloodied sheets. She even dropped off a child at a relative’s house after killing the victim, but fled town after the killings. When police were called, they caught her from an adjacent town and charged her with homicide.

Giovanni had met Stephanie & Geoffrey online, and invited them to have sexual sex. Crystal, however, did not participate in the sexual encounter. Upon finding the trio in bed, Crystal exploded in rage. She then tried to hide the crime by washing the bloodied bedsheets and gunshot casings in the washing machine. However, the police eventually accepted that Crystal killed the three men after a violent outburst.

Crystal confessed to the crimes during her trial. Originally, she was charged with three counts of first-degree murder, which would have meant life in prison. She was able to accept a lenient plea agreement because of her mental state. She was found guilty of manslaughter for the death of her husband Gio, as well as second-degree murder of her sons Geoffrey and Stephanie. Despite her past history with fabricating stories, her brother in law took her confession seriously and reported it directly to authorities.

Giovanni and Crystal Gambino appeared to be content and happy together in the beginning of the show, but the truth is that the couple’s relationship was crumbling. Giovanni had been hiding secrets from each other for years and their physical intimacy had faded to an extent. Crystal applied for custody of her daughter after Giovanni filed for divorce. Giovanni was also accused of intimidating her. A lawyer who was hired by Giovanni to help her with the divorce proceedings was brought against Crystal, who ultimately pleaded guilty.


A Gaston County woman was sentenced to 29 year imprisonment for the murder of her boyfriend. She was found naked in bed with a container of shells and was found naked in bed. Gambino took a plea deal and accepted responsibility for the crime. The judge imposed a 25-year sentence for murder and a six to eight-year sentence for manslaughter. They were all handed out one after another.

After pleading guilty to three counts of first-degree murder, Crystal Gambino was sentenced to a combined total of 29 years in prison. She was also found guilty of three counts of manslaughter in the deaths of her husband and two other men. Despite the lengthy sentences, Gambino will not be eligible for parole for several years. She is still being held at Polkton’s Anson Correctional Institution.

The infamous murder took place in the Gambinos’ idyllic detached house. Crystal and Gio Gambino split up several times despite their love. Crystal filed for bankruptcy in 2009. Crystal filed for bankruptcy in 2009 along with her husband. They were then divorced. Both women were victims of sexual abuse, and Crystal was caught in the middle. Although the murders were unintentional, the police found no evidence of sexual assault, but the evidence was enough to convict Crystal.

The man was loath to believe Crystal Gambino’s story, but felt compelled to report the incident to the authorities. Police found three bodies in the apartment, including one that was dead. Sanchez and Gilliland’s families also gave evidence. Jennifer Burke was in tears over the loss of her baby sister, whom she compared with the band 4 Non Blondes.

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