Cuantos Años Tiene Jackie Guerrido

Jackie Guerrido was born on 24 September 1972 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She has been a television journalist for many years and has also worked as a meteorologist. Here are some interesting facts about Jackie Guerrido.

First, Jackie Guerrido has two sons. She is always accompanied by them. Her sons have been her constant companions. She used to be shy and was given psychiatric treatment when she was young.

She received her primary and secondary education in Puerto Rico. After graduating from high school, she moved to New York and began working at various small weather stations. She eventually got a job with WRMA (106.7) and WSKQ (106.7). She has been a part of the network’s news team for more than a decade and has won several Emmy awards for her work.

Her children have become her most important teachers in life. She grew up believing that she was different than her mother. As an adult, she has been able to find other things that set her apart from her mother. Despite her upbringing, she has also struggled to accept her sexual orientation.

She became a grandmother in December. She and her son’s wife, Gloricely, welcomed a baby girl. She named the child Melody Tommi Ramirez and shared a photo of her daughter on social media. She was previously married to Don Omar, but she is currently single.

In addition to acting in Hollywood films, she also appeared in several other movies, including Race in the Mountain and Rio 3. She has received many awards throughout her career. She was nominated for a Teen Choice Award with Hilary Duff, and she also won the Best Actress award at the Independent Film Festival of California.

The actress also has appeared in a variety of television series. In 2005, she co-starred in the movie Protocolo Fantasma. She also played Stacy in the movie Sheep Yorkie. She later went on to play a drug addict in the movie Streetlights.

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