David Carradine Net Worth

David Carradine Net Worth

David Carradine was a famous actor who was renowned for his roles in various movies. He was nominated for several awards.

He also worked as a director and a writer. He is considered a legend in the world of cinema. He had a long career and was able to earn a lot of money.

In his lifetime, he starred in many films and TV shows. Some of them were highly rated by viewers and critics, while others did not get the same attention.

Some of his most popular projects included Mean Streets directed by Martin Scorsese, Lone Wolf McQuade with Chuck Norris, Bird on a Wire and North and South mini-series. He also acted in the movie Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino, which earned him the Satellite Award.

He was also the father of three children with his second wife, Marina Anderson. She and Carradine divorced in 1998 and he married actress Annie Bierman in 2004. They had two children, Amanda and Madeleine.

At the time of his death, he was a well-known figure in the film industry and had an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. He died in June 2009 under unspecified circumstances.

The cause of his death is still under investigation, but it is believed that he died from asphyxiation. The first autopsy was done in Thailand, and it has been found that the actor had ligatures around his neck that prevented his breathing.

In addition, a Thai police colonel told Reuters that the autopsy found that he had not been drinking alcohol. He was also found to have a broken collarbone.

He also had a broken leg and a fractured hip. The injury was caused by an accident that occurred when he was running on a treadmill.

Carradine has a brother, Keith. He and his sister, Christopher, have also had a successful career in the film industry. Their parents separated when they were young, and they grew up in different houses.

His father was a military officer, while his mother was a school teacher. He learned a lot from his father about martial arts and the art of war.

The family moved frequently throughout his childhood, and Carradine spent some time in boarding schools and foster homes. In the 1940s, his parents divorced.

After his divorce, Carradine’s family moved to New York City. His father was an army officer and had a long career in the military, while his mother was a teacher.

Eventually, Carradine’s parents remarried. His father’s remarriage was a big change for the boy, and it caused a lot of upheaval in his life.

He was a great friend of his half-brother, Robert. He also was a close friend of his other half-brother, Keith.

Some of his other friends include Maine Mendoza, Tiffani Thiessen and Michael Madsen. He also worked with his brother David in various projects.

In the 2000s, Carradine starred in many projects and received many nominations for his role. He was nominated for the Satellite Award in 2003 for his performance in the crime drama Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino. He was also a supporter of environmental protection. He also supported Sea Shepherd in their campaign against seal hunting.

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