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Death Note Icons

You can use Death Note icons to represent different characters in the anime. These characters include Ryuk, C-Kira, and New Kira. They also serve as the series’ official symbol. Here are some popular Death Note icons. Each of these characters has unique and interesting characteristics. If you’re interested in creating your own Death Note icon, you can start by looking for an image that represents one of the characters. If you’re not sure where to find a good icon, check out the list below!

Misa Amane

Misa Amane is an anime character from the Death Note manga series. She is a famous model, who supports the Light Yagami and uses a device called the Death Note, which enables its owner to kill anyone who knows their face or name. Her device shortens her lifespan twice, and she receives the eyes of the Shinigami. This allows her to see into the faces of others and learn their names.

The Death Note is an iconic icon. It combines symbols from different worlds and cultures, such as a cross or a fleur de lis, and a heart. These elements are embodied in Misa Amane’s Death Note icon. Fans can also identify Kira Yagami and Light Yagami, the two main characters of the series, with this icon. It has been a popular icon of the series.


If you’re a Death Note fan, then you know that the icon represents a weapon. The Deathnote icon is made of letters, and the weapon is formed from those letters. This design is reminiscent the samurai sword C-Kira wields. Here are some of the best Death Note icons:

One of the most striking things about C-Kira is that her name is written in the Death Note. Near refers to her as “Cheap Kira” to indicate that she is not wise. As such, she would kill people who wished to die. Although her name is not the best fit, her popularity helped her to get a death note icon. Despite this, her name remains very unique.

L was an orphan but she had helped L solve many cases around the globe. She acquired multiple identities and became the world’s most accomplished detective. She also met Light, who she knew from school, and later helped her catch Kira. L may have lied about her reactions to Light. She didn’t mean to do this. Light’s death note icon is a great way to learn more about the characters than what you might think.

Light’s name is written with the kanji “Tsuki” (Yue), which means moon. As such, it is impossible to read Light’s name as ‘Light’. Instead, Light is called “Yagami”, which means night, and “Gami” means god. This character’s name, however, has a darker connotation than it should.

New Kira

Kira’s death note is one of my favourite icons. It is so easily recognizable that I use it as my desktop wallpaper. I love the colors and art style of New Kira’s death note icon. It reminds me of my favorite episodes and the ending. I’m looking forward to the next episode of the anime. What are your favorite parts of the series? What do you think will happen next?

In the series, we meet Light Yagami. Light is the man behind the death note icon. He intends to trick Naomi into giving him her real name in order to join the Kira Task Force. To join, you must have valid identification. When he asks Naomi, she falls for the ruse. She later falls from the rope, and her death note is never found. The video is a hint at her possible resurrection.

The Japanese anime series inspired the death note icon. Light was a serial killer. His death was tragic, but it was also a tragedy that his actions had such an impact on so many people. His family, Matsuda, and the Task Force were all affected by his actions. He then made Kira his wife, which was a terrible experience for his family. It’s hard to believe that Light will ever forgive herself for all of his actions, but it’s one of my favorite Death Note icons.

Misa’s parents

The Death Note has many religious references. Kira and his followers worship Kira, and Misa wears a Rosary. She also believes that the Light is God and used her to become God. She uses the Death Note as a weapon against her enemies. Both her parents were Christians. The popular manga series Death Note has many religious references. Misa’s parents are both Christians. She is very committed to her religion and worships God.

Misa was born December 25, 1984 as a child. She should have lived longer, but she shortened her life twice to be able to use the Shinigami Eyes power. She died on February 14, 2011, which is a bit earlier than she would have wanted to. The manga also explains the death of her parents, in which Misa becomes depressed after her mother’s death. The manga’s characters are usually born around Christmas and die around Valentine’s Day.

Obha created Misa Amane, a character to break up the monotony caused by an all-male cast. Characters should feel real and not robotic. Humans have complex motives and identities, so the Death Note must be realistic. Misa is treated as a robot by the anime series. This is quite unsettling to the anime fan. The Death Note icon is a highly-recommended manga series, especially for fans of fantasy and mystery.

Her death note

You probably recognize the Death Note icon, whether you are casual reader or a dedicated Death Note fan. Midora is a protagonist of the manga series, and her death note is a unique representation of her. This image shows Light Yagami’s name, which is very similar to her real name. She has also chosen to write her own name in the Death Note. It is the only way to be certain that Kira is Kira, but it is difficult to describe the name.

Kira is another popular Death Note icon. She is a former high school student and a professional hacker. In her first game, she uses the Death Note to kill criminals, and she agrees with this. She had wanted to kill a burglar but was worried that the criminal would get away with it. Fortunately, Kira is able to kill the burglar in one hit. Misa suspects Kira to be a hacker and is subsequently killed.


There are many characters in the Death Note series, but Remy is the most popular. Remy is a devoted, caring character who will go to extremes to protect Misa. Although her appearance is skeletal, her details are light-blue. She also has purple markings on the face in the anime. Rem also informs Misa that she’s a female Shinigami. However, this is not stated in the series.

The death note icon shows the name of the person who has died. Remy and Light meet in the manga. Rem is aware that Light is trying to kill him, but he tells Rem that she can’t. Rem decides to hand L’s Death Note to Kyosuke Higuchi, a member of the Yotsuba Group. He doesn’t want Misa killed, but he does give Higuchi a Death Note. Light later discovers the note and informs Misa that Higuchi has become the third Kira.

Remy was not a successful woman, but she had many trials in her life. She also struggled with depression and cancer. Her private life was thrown into disarray when Jared Martel, her son, was arrested for the murder of Jennifer Martel, Jennifer Martel’s four-year-old girl. Sadly, Remy’s death note icon was a symbol of her pain, but her life was not always so happy.

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