Debbie Stabenow Net Worth

Debbie Stabenow Net Worth – Politician

A politician who holds a strong position in the American political system, Debbie Stabenow is a senior United States senator from Michigan. She is also the chairwoman of the Senate Democratic Policy Committee. This is an accomplishment she has achieved over the past 16 years. In the beginning, she represented the eighth congressional district of Michigan. Now, she represents the express seat in the state.

As a Politician, she is a well-known and popular figure in the American politics. Her name is well known to both Democrats and Republicans. The 69-year-old politician was born in Gladwin, Michigan.

Before her entry into the world of politics, she worked as a social worker. She has a Master of Social Work degree from Michigan State University. During her time in the government, she has served on various boards and committees, including the Ingham County Board of Commissioners. She has fought for affordable health care, including prescription drugs and addiction treatment.

She was elected to the Michigan state legislature in 2001. She is the first woman to chair the board of commissioners in her home county. Upon her re-election in 2008, Stabenow pledged to fight the insurance and pharmaceutical industries and to lower prescription drug prices. However, she has faced criticism for her taxation votes in the past.

One of the things that critics of Stabenow have pointed out is her vote to increase taxes on small businesses in Michigan. She has also voted against the doubling of the per-child tax credit. On December 13, 2009, Stabenow supported the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, an act that aims to increase access to health care for Americans.

She is a member of the United Methodist Church and sings and plays the piano. She has two grown children. Despite her high profile, she keeps her personal life out of the public spotlight.

She married Tom Athans in 2003. Athans is a former executive vice president of Air America. He is co-founder of Democracy Radio, a radio show that covers politics and social issues.

While Stabenow is a very successful Politician, she is not one of the richest lawmakers in the United States. Though her net worth is estimated at more than $3 million, her assets are not as large as the average person’s. Nonetheless, she has a very powerful career and is ranked among the top politicians in the country.

She is a very popular figure in Michigan and has a long and extensive political career. Although her income is less than many other lawmakers, she is very highly valued and respected by the citizens of the state.

She is the only politician in the history of Michigan to be married three times, and she has a son and a daughter. In fact, her daughter, Gina, is currently a member of the state legislature.

According to a financial disclosure filed with the SEC in 2021, Stabenow earned an annual salary of $88,066, with a base salary of $174,000. Among her assets are her home, her family’s Oldsmobile dealership, and other assets.

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