Delrhonda Hood Net Worth

Delrhonda Hood Net Worth

Delrhonda Hood net worth is an American gangster who has earned her name through her illegal activities and criminal records. She has been known for her involvement in drug trafficking, fraud, gun possession, and money laundering. She was arrested and convicted of these crimes in 2013 and served a few years in prison.

She was born on October 28, 1966, in Detroit, Michigan. There are no details regarding her birth family, and her identity is currently a matter of controversy.

Her father is unknown, but she was raised in a single-parent household with her four siblings. As a result, she had to learn to take care of herself and her younger siblings very early on in life.

As a teenager, Delrhonda started to get into trouble with the law. She was involved in a number of vices, including pilfering, ship lifting, drug abuse, and other juvenile misdemeanors.

When she was 15, she got pregnant with her first child. Her son Rodney was born in 1980. He is now 42 years old. He has two other children, Eric and Lucy.

According to her IG account, she has over 15.5 K followers and shares about 601 posts on Instagram. She usually posts about her work and life.

She has also appeared on a few TV shows, such as American Gangster Trap Queens. She is currently working on a documentary that will be released on September 30, 2018.

Her personal life has not been shared with the public yet, but she has been married to Ricky in the past. Their relationship was strained and they eventually went their separate ways.

During her time in prison, she was diagnosed with sarcoidosis and other health issues that have affected her life to date. She has since recovered and is attempting to change her life.

In addition to her involvement in crime, Delrhonda Hood has a successful career as a motivational speaker. Her career helped her build her net worth, which is estimated to be more than $30 million.

She is also an actress, and she has been seen in several films. She has also appeared in the TV series, “American Gangster Trap Queens.”

The documentary that she is releasing, American Gangster Presents: Big Fifty, has been receiving positive and negative reviews from viewers. However, her film has been banned in some countries because of its content.

Throughout her criminal activities, she had an extensive collection of drugs. She likely hid these items away from the prying eyes of the government.

Her incarceration in prison led to a significant drop in her wealth, but it wasn’t all bad news for the former drug lord. In fact, it led to her finding redemption.

She was once a notorious gangster and drug lord, but she has recently made a comeback to society. Her documentary is about her journey from a drug kingpin to a reformed drug dealer.

She is a retired gangster and drug lord, who was once feared as one of Detroit’s most wealthy and powerful women. Her rise from the bottom of the barrel to the top is a gripping tale of self-discovery and success. Her story is now being adapted into an HBO documentary and a TV series.

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