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Denitslava – A Bulgarian Beauty Vlogger

Denitslava, an accomplished Bulgarian beauty vlogger who posts makeup-related videos to YouTube and Instagram with over 16,000 subscribers on both platforms, has amassed an extensive following.

Her most recent makeup tutorial features wintery colors like burgundy that is trending this season.

She can perform any kind of eye makeup with incredible skill as evidenced by her many tutorials with millions of views each.

Early Life and Education

Denitslava is a Bulgarian beauty vlogger who posts makeup-related videos to YouTube and other social media platforms. She was born December 5, 1995 in Stara Zagora with the sign Sagittarius as her zodiac.

She started posting makeup-related content on Instagram, where it quickly gained a following due to her precise looks. Subsequently, she decided to launch her YouTube channel; where she regularly uploads tutorials and challenges; as well as trying out trends from TikTok or Instagram by filming herself doing them.

Denitslava strives to make her videos entertaining and informative, covering topics and ideas such as DIYs, makeup tutorials and questions and answers.

Professional Career

She is a popular beauty vlogger who regularly posts makeup-related content to YouTube, amassing over four million subscribers and amassing over one and a half million followers on Instagram. She is best-known for her precise makeup looks and soft, porcelain skin.

She frequently shares tutorials on how to apply various makeup products. She specializes in applying advanced smokey eyeshadow and eyebrows, and has participated in multiple makeup challenges on TikTok and Instagram.

Denitslava Makeup is a YouTube channel from Bulgaria with a huge following. She’s an accomplished makeup artist with certification. Additionally, she speaks multiple languages – Bulgarian and Greek being among them – fluently. Furthermore, her boyfriend is a photographer; they frequently travel together.

Personal Life

Denitslava is an established social media personality and beauty vlogger who has made headlines for her makeup tutorial videos on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok platforms.

She specializes in precision makeup application and shares her incredible works on Instagram. As a professional makeup artist who attended school to learn the craft.

She currently resides in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria with her photographer husband. She’s known for being very positive and enjoys inspiring others through videos she creates. Additionally, she’s an active member of several charities and volunteers with them to assist the needy in her community – gathering fans and followers along the way who appreciate all that she does!

Net Worth

Denitslava is an active makeup vlogger on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok where she posts makeup-related content. Her videos frequently include beauty challenges that often take inspiration from Instagram or TikTok.

She boasts an immense social media following where her precision makeup looks are revered by fans and followers alike, boasting more than 2.1 million subscribers on YouTube alone.

On average, YouTube channels typically earn between $3 to $7 for every thousand video views, although Denitslava could earn much more through additional streams such as sponsorships, brand deals and speaking gigs.

Star is known to keep her personal life private and prefers keeping the status of any potential relationships out of public view. At present, she is single and childless – though she does have close circle of friends.

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