Devin Hester Net Worth

Devin Hester Net Worth

When you think of the best return specialist in the NFL, you probably don’t have to think very long before Devin Hester comes to mind. Not only is he one of the most famous return specialists in the game, but he also has a very impressive net worth. In fact, you might even consider him to be the richest football player in the world!

Devin Hester is a former American football player who played for the Chicago Bears, the Miami Dolphins, and the Baltimore Ravens. Though he didn’t have the best career, he did have a number of notable moments and made his presence known throughout his time in the NFL.

Devin Hester was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the 2006 NFL draft. At the time, he signed a three-year deal with the team for around $5 million. After his time with the Bears, he went on to play for the Baltimore Ravens in the 2016 season. Before that, he had stints with the Miami Dolphins and the Atlanta Falcons.

Originally, Devin Hester was drafted as a cornerback. The team later decided to put him on offense, and he spent the next several years playing the role. By the end of his rookie year, he had six touchdowns to his name. While he lacked many other stats, his kickoff return skills were clear to see.

On November 4, 1982, Devin Hester was born in Riviera Beach, Florida. As a teenager, he was affected by the death of both of his parents. It was during this time that he discovered football and began to play it, hoping to find some kind of a release from his grief. That is what led him to play college football at the University of Miami.

During his college days, he was already a national star. He earned numerous accolades, including being named an All-American. He also finished third in the voting for the NFL MVP.

He was also named to the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team. In 2007, he led the Bears to Super Bowl XLI, where they were defeated by the Indianapolis Colts. During that time, he also broke the team record for the most kickoff return yards in a game with 81.

Hester has been selected to the Pro Bowl four times during his career. Among his achievements, he is most notably the first player in history to return the opening kick for a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

Despite his success in the NFL, he hasn’t been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But, he’s still a popular and highly successful Football Player. Moreover, he has also received marketing opportunities from various companies. Aside from his football skills, he’s also a good family man. His father and mother passed away when he was young, and he credits his stepfather Derrick Brown and brother Lenorris Hester, Jr. for guiding him through the difficult times.

Currently, he lives in Gurnee, Illinois, where he has a 4,416 sq ft home. Besides his house, he has several cars in his collection. One of his favorite vehicles is a red, modified 1972 Impala. Other than that, he also owns a Hummer H2.

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