Devondre Trevon Phillips

Police arrested Jeffrey Orlando Hoffman and Terry Lorenzo Brown Jr. in connection with the shooting at a Minnesota bar. Both have lengthy and violent criminal histories. They were convicted of domestic violence and burglary in the past. Phillips was also convicted of DWI and fleeing the scene of an arrest.

Both men claimed they were acting in self-defence. The two men were arguing when Phillips shot Brown. Phillips fired at Brown while Brown fired back at him. The two men then exchanged gunfire and Brown was taken to the hospital. They later reviewed surveillance video from the bar.

Both suspects were armed and loaded. The men are being held without bail. The victims were not wearing body armor, but they did have weapons. They were allegedly drinking in a crowded bar. The suspects fled in a stolen SUV after the incident. Phillips, a 30-year-old former NFL player, is facing multiple charges. The suspects are both charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder.

The two victims had beef with one another. The first, identified as JH, said he “messed with” a woman Phillips was talking to. The second said he had a beef with a relative of the woman he was dating. Then, he claimed that Phillips shot him. Phillips meanwhile, said he had no memory of shooting JH.

Both men were injured in the shooting. The injured were hospitalized. Phillips underwent surgery. Brown remains in the hospital. A third man was also arrested, but charges against him have not yet been released. In addition to the victims, two others were shot in the back. Two men were treated at Regions Hospital and later released, while the third was hospitalized with gunshot wounds in his arm and ankle.

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