Diaper Dust Net Worth

Diaper Dust Net Worth – How Much is Regina Crisci Worth?

Regina Crisci made her appearance on Shark Tank in 2020 to present Diaper Dust, a product which deodorized dirty diapers to make them easier to dispose of without dealing with their smell. Mark Cuban offered Regina $75,000 for 40% ownership of their company.

Winterville, North Carolina-based Winterville Powder Corporation produces and sells their powder on both their website and Amazon, with multiple sizes of 8-ounce containers being made available at $14 each. They have received positive reviews from parents as well.

As well as diaper dust, this company produces baby wipes and lotion made with organic ingredients and eco-friendly features such as no harmful chemicals or fragrances. They have proven extremely popular among mom influencers on social media who help spread awareness.

Regina Crisci, an award-winning nurse and mother, created Diaper Dust due to her personal experiences battling diaper odor. After trying various solutions such as double bagging diapers or spraying them with air freshener sprays, Regina came up with this powder made of baking soda and activated charcoal that absorbs any unpleasant odors present on diapers before disposing them into the trash can. Simply sprinkle a bit over before tossing into trash can!

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, this company experienced an enormous boost in sales. Nearly two years have passed since that episode aired and their business appears to still be flourishing despite not publishing their sales figures publicly. Unfortunately it’s impossible to know exactly how much their worth as such information is not publicly accessible.

Regina Crisci, the founder of Diaper Dust International LLC, graduated from Boonsboro High School and holds a license as a registered nurse. Currently she resides in Winterville, North Carolina with her husband and their son Maddox. Upon graduation she worked as a floor nurse at Meritus Medical Center near Hagerstown as well as traveling. Additionally she started up her own business manufacturing and selling Diaper Dust as an additional side hustle while keeping up her full-time position as nurse.

At her pitch, Regina explained how the product came about as the result of her own struggles with diaper odor and its effect on her family’s quality of life. She discussed its various uses as well as its development process before seeking input from Kevin, Regina’s husband; Lori dropped out; Emma recommended marketing her product through mom influencers instead; eventually Mark made his investment decision.

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