Dom Fenison Net Worth

Dom Fenison Net Worth

There are many different sources that you can find information on dom fenison net worth. He is a model, real estate agent, and has his own skincare company. He is also in a relationship with a rapper. This is a very diverse list of his various careers, which makes it difficult to accurately determine his net worth.

dom fenison is a model

Dom Fenison is an American model who is signed to DT Model Management. He has been featured in many fashion campaigns, including those for Givenchy and Nike. In addition to his fashion work, he also holds a real estate license and has his own business, Music City Accommodations, in Los Angeles. He is also famous for his relationship with Chanel West Coast, a TV personality and musician. The two announced their engagement in February 2022 and plan to have a child.

Dom Fenison is a multi-talented individual with a high net worth. He currently serves as the Head of Acquisitions for Music City Accommodations in Los Angeles, California. He was signed to DT Model Management, a Los Angeles-based model agency. He has appeared in several major fashion campaigns and is known as a high-fashion fashion icon.

The model was discovered while working as a bartender at a college bar. He soon got his big break and was featured in a Socialite Life Male Model Monday in August 2021. Later, he was featured on the covers of GMARCO and Period magazines. In addition to modeling, he has also been a real estate agent, working as a listing coordinator for Douglas Elliman Real Estate. Dom Fenison is a handsome 6 feet 2 inch tall man. He has brown hair and green eyes.

he is a real estate agent

Dom Fenison is a well-known model and real estate agent. He is the founder of Music City Accommodations. He is also in a relationship with television personality and singer, Chanel West Coast. Recently, she announced that she is expecting a child. Dom is a hard-working individual and has achieved a lot in his career.

In addition to his career as a real estate agent, Dom Fenison is also pursuing a career in modeling. He was discovered while he was bartending in college. He has also appeared on the cover of GMARCO and Period magazines. In addition, he has modeled for the Chilean fashion designer Santiago Bisso.

Dom Fenison has a net worth of $400 thousand. He has worked with various companies like DT Model Management, Nike, and Givenchy. In the past, he served as a Listing Coordinator at Douglas Elliman Real Estate. Later, he worked for Music City Accommodations as a Head of Acquisition. He currently works for Beverly & Company.

He has a skincare company

Besides having a skincare company, Dom Fenison is also a model and has appeared in several advertisements. In fact, he also starred in the music video for Hailee Steinfeld’s song Let Me Go. The model and actor was discovered while working as a bartender in college. He enjoys skateboarding and cooking. He has a strong interest in the TV series Game of Thrones.

Dom Fenison started his skincare company after completing his education. He has worked for many prominent companies and brands, including Givenchy and Nike. He has also been involved in real estate. Before launching his skincare company, he was a real estate agent with Beverly & Company. The model will now work in Nashville for Music City Accommodations, where he will hold the title of Head of Acquisition and Founder.

In addition to his role in the skincare company, Fenison is a DT Model Management model and a licensed real estate agent. He is also an avid skateboarder at the beach. Fenison has a passion for cooking and enjoys chicken tenders. His one flaw is that he cannot eat avocados. However, he has gained considerable attention as a model and entrepreneur.

He is in a relationship with a rapper

Dom Fenison has been rumored to be dating rapper Chanel West Coast. The two have been dating for about five years and were spotted out together in several music videos. They are also currently working on their careers as models and have been featured on GMARCO and Period magazine covers. They have also been spotted attending Coachella together. The couple is expecting their first child in the future.

The model, 33-year-old Chanel West Coast, announced in June that she is pregnant. Although the couple hasn’t revealed the sex of the baby, they are hoping for a healthy baby. Chanel shared that she had a difficult time during the first trimester of the pregnancy and the rapper helped her to stay calm. The couple is also excited about the arrival of their baby girl.

The model and the rapper have a love language in common – touch and words of encouragement. They also share a love of Game of Thrones.

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