Don Frye Net Worth

Don Frye Net Worth

You’ve probably heard about Don Frye and his net worth. But did you know that this former mixed martial artist has also been an actor, model, and producer? That makes him an extremely talented person. Despite his modest net worth, Frye has achieved quite a lot. In fact, he’s become one of the richest men in the world.

Don Frye is an American former mixed martial artist

Don Frye started his MMA career in 1996, and won his first 10 fights. In all, he had eleven wins. In the UFC, he fought a total of 11 times, spanning over 11 months. His last fight was on December 11, 2001. Frye is also a father of two.

Before he started fighting, Frye worked a variety of odd jobs, including horse-shoeing, firefighting, and bartending. His marriage failed twice, and he was divorced twice. Despite his divorce, Frye was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. During his career, he suffered a major back injury and spent three months in a medically induced coma.

In addition to mixed martial arts, Don Frye also wrestled for Arizona State University. During his time as a pro wrestler, he was considered one of the best brawlers in the sport. He also studied judo and boxing.

He is an actor

Don Friede is an actor who starred in the anime series Bleach. He is also an English voice actor. Friede has dubbed several anime titles, including Miko Yasaka in Sankarea: Undying Love, Lala Satalin Deviluke in To Love-Ru, and Kyoko Kirigiri in Danganronpa: The Animation. Friede was replaced in the latter series by Johanna Dost.

He is a model

Don Friede is an American businessman and a model. He has worked for companies like Rocket Internet and The Iconic in Australia. He’s also founded two startups: tablet checkout system LocaFox and employee feedback system Kununu Engage. He also holds a degree in accounting from the University of Idaho.

He is a producer

Don Friede is a producer and writer of dozens of documentaries. He is also a husband and father of two. He was adopted when he was three months old and raised by a police officer and a stay-at-home mom. As a child, Friede dreamed of joining the Special Forces. But after breaking his ankle in high school, he decided not to serve in the military. He ended up getting a job as a high-rise window washer in Milwaukee.

Friede became a snake owner when he was 30. At first, he had just a pet copperhead, but he soon became obsessed with the animals. However, he also learned about self-immunization. He started shooting himself with small doses of snake venom, and his wife, a vet tech, gave him a syringe to help him.

Then, he met Tim Glanville. Glanville had been researching the immune system and wanted to make an antivenom. Friede offered to provide the science and antibodies for the project, and the two agreed to split the profits if the product was successful.

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