Drew Binsky Net Worth

Drew Binsky Net Worth

Drew Binsky is an American travel blogger, YouTuber and vlogger who chronicles his adventures around the globe. With more than 4 million followers across social media channels and YouTube, including his popular channel “Drew Binsky”, Drew holds two Guinness World Records for visiting most UNESCO heritage sites in 24 hours and fastest suitcase packing time respectively.

Binsky’s success can be attributed to his ability to document his journeys on multiple platforms and convert his passion for traveling into a lucrative career. He has an extraordinary way of telling his tale through videos that have received over 500 million views online; currently working on an epic documentary project documenting all his travels worldwide.

He is best-known for his humorous approach to travelling and has inspired countless individuals to follow their dreams. His travels have been featured in television programs and magazines like Huffington Post; additionally he has participated in charitable efforts that have been recognized by numerous organizations – earning numerous awards and accolades along the way.

Drew Binsky does not disclose his exact net worth publicly, however it is estimated to be somewhere around $2 Million. A significant part of his income comes from YouTube advertisements and brand partnerships; additionally he’s an active philanthropist supporting various causes through social media channels.

Drew Binsky hails from Scottsdale, Arizona and graduated with a dual major in Economics and Entrepreneurship from University of Wisconsin-Madison in May 2017. After moving to South Korea as an English instructor and starting travel blogging – and quickly rising to fame after posting videos of his trip to North Korea on his channel in May 2017 – has turned into his full-time profession and taken him across 20+ countries within just two years!

Binsky is well known for being reliable and trustworthy. He maintains a positive outlook toward life and is always searching for new opportunities. His friends describe him as reliable friend who they can rely on when needed; furthermore he is an accomplished chef – often cooking meals for them all!

Drew Binsky and Deanna Sallao have been in a relationship for more than two and a half years and plan to marry soon. Sam the dog frequently posts photos from their adventures on social media accounts while both enjoy cooking different types of cuisines together – they share this passion passionately as part of their closeness. Furthermore, this couple have become role models to many young people for hard work leading to success – they set an excellent example.

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