Drew Findling Net Worth

Drew Findling Net Worth

A celebrity in the bar world of Atlanta, Drew Findling is an acclaimed attorney. He is also an active public speaker and social media personality. Since he began his career as a lawyer, he has worked with some of the most popular celebrities. Some of his clients include Cardi B, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, and others.

Findling’s work has earned him several accolades, including being ranked one of Billboard Magazine’s “Power Players,” and being recognized as a ‘Top 20 Troubleshooters’ by The Hollywood Reporter. In addition, he has been named to the Georgia Legal Elite list. He has also been honored by the NAACP Civil and Human Rights Award. Moreover, he is currently a trustee for the NACDL Foundation for Criminal Justice.

Known for his strong legal credentials, Findling has also been named a Best Lawyer in America for 2018. Findling has received multiple endorsements, including as Program Management. However, he has refused to disclose the exact amount of his annual income.

Drew Findling is a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in white-collar crimes. He has been practicing for almost 30 years. During his career, he has represented clients in both state and federal courts. His clientele has led to an increase in his media exposure.

He was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA, on December 22, 1959. During his early childhood, he had a strong relationship with his siblings. However, his parents did not possess much money. Hence, his father had to make sure that Drew’s life was in order. Later on, the young man pursued post-secondary education. Afterward, he moved to a new place to earn a degree. After graduating from a prestigious college, he started working in the field of law.

As a defense attorney, Drew Findling has represented clients in both state and federal courts. He is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the American Board of Criminal Lawyers. Moreover, he has defended numerous high-profile cases. Recently, he was selected as the best attorney in Georgia by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Before joining the practice of law, Findling was a public defender in Fulton County, Georgia for three years. He graduated from Emory Law School. Afterward, he took part in various associations, such as the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and National Clearing House on Science and Technology in Law.

He has a son, Zack Findling. He is married to Beth Findling, and they enjoy a nice and happy married life together. They have attended various public events together.

Currently, Findling represents former President of Morris Brown College Dolores Cross, and NBA Superstar Shaquille O’Neal. He has also defended rappers like Da Baby Boosie, Trippi Red, and Gucci Mane. Additionally, he has been a member of the National Forensics Litigation College Advisory Board and the Nominating Committee of the American Bar Association. Despite his successes, Findling is critical of President Donald Trump.

He is an avid Instagram user. He posts pictures of himself with famous clients on his personal account. Besides, he has a Twitter account with the hashtag #BillionDollarLawyer.

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