Dude Dad Net Worth

Dude Dad Net Worth

Dude Dad is a YouTube comedian, prankster, and digital content creator. He is also an actor and a father. His career started in 2012 with his first video. Since then, he has become a popular YouTuber with millions of viewers.

Calmus is known for his DIY videos and humorous comedy skits. He has collaborated with a variety of celebrities, including Charlie Berens, You Betcha, and The Holderness Family. He has appeared on several TV shows, such as Jimmy Kimmel Live!, FOX News, and the Today Show.

Taylor Calmus is a father of two young children. He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. Before making videos on YouTube, he worked as a carpenter in the rural community of Howard, South Dakota. However, after four years of success, he and his family moved to Los Angeles. This allowed them to pursue their career as an e-sports player and entertainment creator.

Calmus was born in South Dakota on November 22, 1986. While living in South Dakota, he had a passion for DIY. As a result, he was able to create a house without seeing it in person. That is where his “create your own fun” mentality comes from. After a few years, he and his wife, Heidi, were able to purchase their home. In a bid to make it a better place for their growing family, they renovated it. They showed the renovation process to their followers on their Dude Dad channels.

With more than 3 million subscribers, his YouTube channel is a huge success. His videos include a wide array of topics, such as funny pranks, family life, and parenting. He has also appeared on the Discovery+ app and on the Magnolia Network. One of his most famous videos is a Rube Goldberg gender reveal. It was featured on the Today Show and the Huffington Post.

He is also a father to a young daughter, Theo. Unlike many of his other videos, this one has been viewed by millions of people. Currently, he has one more child, Juno, who will be born in 2021. At the time of publication, the estimated net worth of Taylor Calmus is $4 million. Fortunately, his fame will continue to grow as he focuses on his YouTube and social media careers.

His videos are also a source of income. His YouTube channel earns $3 to $7 for every 1,000 video views. For the same amount of work, he can earn as much as $40K a month. Using his comedic voice, he makes videos that are heartfelt and relatable.

Dude Dad was created to educate and entertain. It started as a way to keep him creative as a dad. But over the years, it has evolved into more of a lifestyle brand, as he has added a variety of amazing videographers and editors to his team. Eventually, he even had a book, From Dude to Dad: The Diaper Dude Guide to Pregnancy.

His popularity has continued to grow as he has starred in numerous other projects. In addition to his work on YouTube, he has appeared on the FOX21 Morning News and has been a professional e-sports player.

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