Dustin Begs His Own

Wichita (Kan.) – A man has been charged with the murder of 40-year-old Charles Star Warrior. He was booked into Kay County Detention Center. Begs His Own was arrested Tuesday and faces a charge of second degree murder. Warrior’s body was discovered in the Chikaskia River where Begs His Own was last spotted. The pair had been dating for a few months before he disappeared, police said.

Two men named Shane William Gonzalez (and Dustin Begs His own) were arrested for the murder Charles Star Warrior. Dustin is 42 years old and Shane is 37. Both men have a criminal history and are accused of murdering Warrior. Although the names of the suspects have not been released, it is a grim outlook for their hometown. Dustin Begs His Own and Shane William Gonzalez are accused of murdering Charles while he was sleeping.

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