Dwayne Haskins Net Worth 2021

Dwayne Haskins Net Worth 2021

Dwayne Haskins was an American football quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League (NFL). Born May 3 1997 in Highland Park, New Jersey – Haskins pursued his love of football at Bullis School before attending Ohio State University where he became one of their standout players.

Ohio State star Deshaun Watson was selected 15th overall in the 2019 NFL Draft and joined Washington Football Team for two seasons before signing with Pittsburgh Steelers in 2021. He made an invaluable contribution to both teams’ successes, with impressive statistics earning him numerous accolades and recognitions.

However, his life in the NFL was far from smooth sailing. In December 2020, he was stripped of his captaincy after being caught partying with teammates following practice. Later that month he was arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession after having small quantities of the drug detected in his system.

Dwayne was able to remain focused on his career and continued to advance as a player; his efforts paid off when he was recognized multiple times with NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors in 2021.

ESPN and NFL Network both ranked him as one of their top-ranked quarterbacks, and he made the Maxwell Award semifinalist list and finished third in Heisman Trophy voting. Tragically, however, on April 9, 2022 he died tragically due to a car accident.

As his tragic accident sent shockwaves through both his family and sports world, Kalabrya Gondrezick-Haskins stood by Dwayne for all of his NFL career, often cheering from the stands to show her support.

Reports indicate that Kalabrya was driving her SUV when it collided with another vehicle and was then hit by a truck which sent it careening along the highway, sending Kalabrya flying. At the scene of the crash she was declared deceased; according to Florida Highway Patrol reports her blood-alcohol content was 2.5 times greater than legal limit and she tested positive for recreationally used drugs like ketamine and norketamine.

Kalabrya’s sudden passing came as a shock to all, leaving a large hole in Dwayne’s heart. But his family and fans can help ease his sorrow during this trying time. Her funeral took place on April 23 with many of Dwayne’s friends and fellow teammates present to show support. Dwayne and Kalabrya had been married for several years and enjoyed being partners; many will miss her beauty; she leaves behind a young daughter as well as an amazing husband whom we all support – rest in peace, Kalabrya! Our thoughts are with you both.

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