Eartha Kitt Net Worth

The Net Worth of Eartha Kitt

Whether you are searching for the net worth of Eartha Kitt or wanting to know her age, height, weight, salary, marriage, husband, family, affairs, wiki, bio and other details about this famous American actress, singer, dancer, stand-up comedian and tone of voice artist, you have come to the right place. Here you can find all the details about her biography and how she earned her net well worth.

The Star’s Early Existence

Born in a small town in South Carolina, Eartha Kitt was abandoned at an early age when her mother found a new partner with little time for her daughter. She eventually moved to Connecticut where she became a cabaret performer.

After a few years in the entertainment industry, she won the hearts of many audiences with her sultry singing voice. Her career spanned five decades. She performed in nightclubs, theatre productions, films and television appearances. She recorded hits like C’est Si Bon ” and Santa Baby!

Her popularity grew and her net worth soared. Her fame and success helped her become a member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences.

She was also a member of the NAACP and served on the board of directors of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Her contributions to her profession earned her several awards.

In the 1950s, she performed in nightclubs, theatre productions and films; and toured the United States and Europe. Her recordings included “Santa Baby,” “C’est Si Bon,” and the title song of her 1954 film.

Despite her success, she was never fully accepted in the Black community and faced discrimination for her light skin. She fought to change this and remained committed to social justice for the black community.

As a child, she was influenced by a number of singers and musicians, including Billie Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald. She admired their courage in the face of racial and social prejudices. She believed that her role as a singer and entertainer was to be an inspiration and help people.

She later worked as a voice actor on television shows such as Wonder Pets! and The Emperor’s New School. Her role as Yzma in these programs won her an Annie Award and was nominated for a Black Reel Award.

Her sexy image was a defining feature of her performances, but she fought against discrimination and promoted equality for the gay community and women’s rights. She also supported Martin Luther King Jr.

Eartha Kitt married Charles Lawrence Shapiro in 1987 and they have two children, Jason and Rachel Shapiro. The couple lives together in Westport, CT. Miss Shapiro is responsible for managing her tours and recording career as well as overseeing the production of her mother’s music.

Throughout her lifetime, she made a significant impact on the world. She was an influential actress, singer, dancer and advocate for women’s rights. Her contribution to the field of entertainment has helped her earn a net worth of $4 million. Moreover, she has also received numerous prestigious awards for her performances.

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