Echo V Aoki

In May 2022, Echo V. Aoki is still single, despite the public rumors about her previous relationships. However, the singer hasn’t spoken publicly about her relationship history since then. Aoki was born in the USA to a Japanese mother and an American father. He is an acclaimed D.J and record maker who was the main heir to his dad’s fortune.

In 2005, Echo Aoki’s father, Rocky Aoki, had an organization worth around $100 million. He procured this sum as an insider dealer and is responsible for the Benihana Japanese eating house network. He also distributed Genesis magazine, which is a men’s obscene magazine that focuses on the female stars of the grown-up flim industry.

Aoki became a multimillionaire in Japan and founded Benihana, a popular Japanese restaurant chain with over 100 locations worldwide. He also trained in track and field and was a member of the Japanese national wrestling team. His talent led to scholarships at several colleges in the U.S. He attended Springfield College and C.W. Post College, both in Long Island.

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