Elaine Culotti Net Worth

Elaine Culotti Net Worth

Elaine Culotti is a highly successful businesswoman, real estate developer, and interior designer with an estimated net worth of $200 Million as of 2022. As founder of House of Rock Real Estate Development Company she also promotes farm to table farming techniques through House of Rock Farming LLC and now stars on Discovery+’s reality show Undercover Billionaire where she bets $1 Million that she can go undercover into any city with only $100, car keys, cell phone & no WiFi to launch a million dollar business within 90 days.

Born July 20th 1964, she is a self-made millionaire and an entrepreneur who began investing at 14 by importing antiques, collectibles and textiles before opening up a design firm with retail store front and manufacturing facility.

Elaine has been responsible for creating some of the most luxurious homes in California. Her most recent project involves developing a luxury condominium building in San Diego’s historic Gaslamp District; anticipated completion is in 2020 and should prove highly successful. Elaine has also made investments in agriculture; owning BigZ Ranch located near Fallbrook where she farms everything from palm trees to vegetables.

Her keen sense of style and drama stems from years spent exploring German castles, English farmhouses, and Renaissance Italy towns. Her spirit of adventure has helped her build an impressive portfolio that makes her one of the top real estate developers in the United States.

Personal Details – She was once married to Gary Culotti but they have since parted ways. Gary was instrumental in her design and real estate business as well as overseeing manufacturing at Porta Bella Designs; together they had two children named Leonardo and Jessica Culotti.

Elaine Culotti is a self-made millionaire and creator of House of Rock, an innovative real estate brand. Recently she appeared on Discovery channel’s hit reality TV series ‘Undercover Billionaire,” where she bets that with just $100 she can create a million-dollar business in 90 days and claim the entire $1 million prize pool. The first episode aired January 6th 2021 – for updates follow it on social media like Facebook or Twitter for updates!

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